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26th November 2015

Brilliant 2016 workshops to upskill your soul

- by Sabine

Buy this, buy that, buy something to put them in… the fact that, these days, we can buy everything is both a blessing and a shame. Especially when it comes to Christmas. Of course, you can buy someone a thoughtful gift (and kudos to Clerkenwell London for encouraging exactly that this year), but how much more meaningful would it be to actually make something for them? Or even give them the gift of learning to make it themselves?

Do you remember the last time someone made you something? Conjured it from the earth or fashioned it from a twig, using their hands and their imagination? Those are the sort of gifts that are valuable not because they cost money, but because they cost thought and time.

Encouraging interaction with friends and loved ones can only be a good thing. Learning skills together to fix things, make things and reuse things is another level of awesome. It’s fun; it’s more personal; it teaches you life skills; it gets you into contact with actual materials and processes, and the end result holds more meaning than anything hidden in a barcode.

Luckily for us, we have plenty of friends and neighbours with the talent and vision to create – and to teach others to create too. It’s a little early for New Year’s resolutions, but still, 2016 is the year team Zetteler is going to get stuck into making in a big way. Here’s the official Zetteler pick of five workshops to sign up for in the coming year…

Matt Raw | Ceramics for Beginners
12+19+26 Jan (7–9pm), £85 (3 sessions) 
Considering the countless things we use every day to eat off, drink from and store stuff in, how nice to actually get your hands messy and make a vessel or ornament. At £85 for three two-hour sessions in January, this course is incredible value, and will teach you how to mould, fire and glaze any object you like. Even if the result is a little off-centre, you’ll have a piece of beautiful wonky, glazed clay to keep and display. As a bonus, Matt is also a lovely and seriously talented bloke, so it’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun. I’ve booked for this one already – see you there!

New North Press | Intro to Letterpress 
16 Jan (10am–5.30pm), £108
I love writing letters, cards, diaries, lists, anything – and I go to frankly ridiculous lengths over everything I send both personally and professionally (the amount we spent on our Zetteler stationery could have sent us all on the holiday of our dreams). How wonderful then to learn about hand-setting type and printing, about those words and letter combinations that have meant so much to the world, and how we’ve interacted with them and learned from them since they were invented. Meet press founder Richard and his team, enjoy the chance to play with more than 700 fonts, create something to cherish, and make some new friends too. Their studio is a small, packed treasure trove of historic type trays. I want to live there.

Grace & Thorn | Terrarium Tuesdays 
First Tuesday every month, £60 
It’s nothing new to suggest that nature makes us happy – studies have even shown that just looking at pictures of leaves and trees and whatnot can lift our spirits – so filling your home or office with flora is a no-brainer. Wake up with leaves above your head, by the side of your bed, near the shower and in the kitchen. If you’re a fan of trailblazing East London florists Grace & Thorn, you’ll be familiar with their #greenupyourgaff slogan, and assembling your own little terranium of greenery is a good place to start. Get in quick; they book up super swiftly.

Sourdough Pizza | e5 Bakehouse 
30 March 2016 (6–9pm), £60 
As a vegetarian with an unhealthy obsession with wheat and dairy, approximately 48% of my diet consists of dough and cheese, aka ‘pizza’. However, there are bad pizzas and good pizzas – and e5 does good pizzas. This workshop is a way off in March, but it’s still worth getting a booking in if, like me, you fancy spending the rest of the year showing off your dough craft and ingenious topping combos. 

New Year Intensive | School of Life 
4–8 Jan, £800
OK, this one’s not exactly about making stuff, but it definitely ticks that life-skills box. If you can afford that eyebrow-raising £800 price tag and take the first week of January off to invest in your mind and soul then get along to the School of Life for a five-day crash course in personal enrichment. If winter leaves you feeling professionally discouraged, financially disorganised, emotionally exhausted or creatively barren (which the season has a tendency to do), this is designed to bring you a spot of pre-spring sunshine. I'll be at the School’s ‘Imposter Syndrome' event on January 7th, and have booked a few other things for the opening months (I'm a bit of a life-enhancement junkie). If you do go along to the Intensive course, let us know how it goes – it’s on my wish list for 2017.


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