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Shape Sculpture by Saskia Pomeroy. Available on the Z List for £25.
3rd December 2017

Christmas on the Z List: A Non Gift Guide

We’re not big fans of gift lists.

Show us a gift guide for a man that doesn’t include a gadget, or a wish list for a woman that doesn’t involve perfume. It all gets rather boring.

Zetteler’s recently restocked and revamped online shop, the Z-List, is full of objects that don’t fall into traditional gift list stereotypes. We’re not going to sit there and tell you that certain things would suit certain people, with certain interests, because where’s the fun in that?

Instead we’ll tell you what you can find on the Z-List and leave the decision making down to you. Maybe your Granny will shriek with delight at the Trump whoopee cushion, maybe your brother will get great satisfaction sinking his teeth into a sugarmouse.

Each and every item on the Z-List has been handpicked by the Zetteler team and includes artworks, ceramics, homewares and fragrances, as well as other uncategorisable pieces of design. We split the proceeds of everything sold three ways: 70 per cent goes straight to the maker, 20 per cent goes towards the costs of keeping the site afloat, and 10 per cent goes directly to a charity of our choice (currently Hackney Foodbank).

Order before 11pm on 19 December and we’ll make sure whatever you buy will be shipped to arrive before Christmas Day.

Enough rambling. Below is our Christmas Non Gift Guide of Z-List objects that could, quite frankly, suit anyone.


Chopping Board
Restoration Station

Chopping boards crafted from London Plane, sourced as a by-product of other industry.

Chopping Board by Restoration Station
Just Not Kosher
Rick Pushinsky

Just Not Kosher, a series of 21 recipe cards created by father and son duo Steven Morris and son Rick Pushinsky.


Just Not Kosher by Rick Pushinsky
RUST Mini pot
Ariane Prin

These RUST Mini Pots form part of a collection of homewares made using Ariane’s unique process.

RUST Mini pot by Ariane Prin
Atlas candle
Laboratory Perfumes

The perfumer’s latest candle, Atlas, is inspired by the scent and scenery of Morocco's Atlas Mountains.


Atlas candle by Laboratory Perfumes
Earth Puzzle

Earth is one of four contemporary jigsaw puzzles based on the Four Elements. The puzzle is made up of 400 pieces.


Earth Puzzle by Gillsaws
Trump Cushion
Nick Bell & Eoin Glaister x Mr Bingo & Freddy Taylor

'A premium prankster product for the discerning philanthropist.'


Trump Cushion by Nick Bell, Eoin Glaister, Mr Bingo & Freddy Taylor
Resound No.2
Camilla Lee

Resound is a series of amplifiers taking advantage of the natural acoustic qualities found in ceramic and wood.

Resound No.2 by Camilla Lee
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Jake & Dinos Chapman

Set of three flat-pack cardboard dinosaur based on Chapman’s towering corten steel sculptures.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by Jake & Dinos Chapman
Tom Lindow

Edible sugarmouse, inspired by the 1997 Vacanti ear-mouse experiment.

These charming sugarmice are available in pink or white by Tom Lindow
For more Z List goodies check out the website here.

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