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Clerkenwell London during Design Undefined, photography by Dan Weill
31st May 2017

Clippings: Design Undefined

– by Anya Lawrence
The grouping of Alex Booker, Jordan Söderberg Mills, Anthony Burrill, Michael Marriott and ALUSID together in the “dextrous design den Clerkenwell London” for Clerkenwell Design Week proved a hit with the international design press. Design Undefined garnered column inches of rave reviews published on the likes of Hunger, Dezeen, Design Week, Monocle and Creative Boom

Design Undefined was featured in numerous articles collating Clerkenwell Design Week must-sees. Dezeen featured Jordan Söderberg Mills’s perception-altering installation Sectum Spectra in its round-up of the five best installations to see at Clerkenwell Design Week, while 2 Lovely Gays included the installation in its run-down of the 10 best things to see during the week, published in the Metro. Elsewhere, Design Week included Michael Marriott and Anthony Burrill’s Room within a Room, a immersive space in which colour, graphics and bespoke furniture collide, in its five best things to see at Clerkenwell Design Week. 
Anthony Burril and Michael Marriott's Room within a Room, photography by Dan Weill
The exhibition also prompted a plethora of in-depth interviews with a number of the featured designers. Hunger spoke to Jordan Söderberg Mills in which he described Sectum Spectra as “like stepping inside of a hologram. I’ve been given this big glass cube in Clerkenwell London which I’m wrapping in an optical skin. It splits any light source into these cascading spectra of colour. Think hypercubes, tesseracts, or a transparent Rubiks Cube that explodes with rainbows.” 
Meanwhile Alex Booker joined the lively line-up on this week’s Monocle Weekly radio show to discuss both Design Undefined and the medium of wood cutting. “I always find it amazing how characterful woodcut printing is,” said Monocle’s Tom Edwards speaking with Alex. “Better than any other medium, you can really capture the quality of people’s faces.” 
Jordan Söderberg Mill's Spectrum Spectra installation in the Keep, photography by Dan Weill
Striding one step ahead, both Creative Boom and OnOffice included Design Undefined in its Clerkenwell Design Week previews. Creative Boom called Room within a Room a “very special collaboration,” describing the exhibition as containing “a unique collection of furniture that marries Burrill’s colourful design vision with Marriott’s utilitarian design style and material ingenuity.” 

Elsewhere, Francesca Soler in her piece for We Heart describes Michael Marriott’s “humble approach” as “quite the match for Burrill, whose honesty and humility has remained a key spark behind his individualistic approach.” 

That’s Clerkenwell Design Week done and dusted for another year however both the exhibitors featured in Design Undefined, and Clerkenwell London, are far from finished; each with various products, exhibitions and projects launching throughout 2017. Keep your eyes on the Zetteler News and Clients pages for updates. 
ALUSID's SilicaStone on display, photography by Dan Weill
Alex Booker and the Clerkenwell Series, photography by Dan Weill

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