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The one and only Andy Dunn
14th October 2017

Meet the Team: Andy Dunn

Words by Laura

Our resident film guru Andy Dunn first met Zetteler founder Sabine while they were both working at the BBC. They bonded because Andy used to, in Sab’s words, “schmooze” her in order to steal more parking vouchers. He was also hankering after an invite to her dad’s place in Maui while he researched a documentary on surf music. A charmed life these directors lead, she thought. In no time at all the pair had their own film-making outfit Zetteler & Dunn, which came into the Zetteler fold last year and is responsible for the gorgeous filmic storytelling we work on with clients.

During his 12 years at the Beeb, Andy made music and arts documentaries at BBC Four, regularly directing The Culture Show and donning his wellies to produce films for BBC Two’s Glastonbury coverage. He’s worked extensively in the music world (we’re #welljel he got to hang with Bruce Springsteen), doggedly getting to the bottom of what makes creatives tick and then bundling it up into beautiful, emotive packages. But what we love most about Andy is his way with people. Being on camera can be a deeply uncomfortable experience – especially if you’ve got a PR hovering about – yet a couple of minutes with Andy and his cheeky grin and subjects immediately relax. Also, he also does a Robert De Niro so utterly convincing that we’ve got a look-alike agency on speed dial in case we ever need to make an extra buck.

Over to Andy…

Hello Andy, what do you do at Zetteler?

I head up the creative side of Zetteler’s film production department, making brand films and other video content for existing PR clients and others who just want a film.

How did you end up here? (At Zetteler, I mean, not biologically)

Sabine and I already had a production company imaginatively titled Zetteler & Dunn alongside our other ventures and last year we decided to bring it under the core Zetteler banner.

What skills/interests/bits of your personality make you suited to this sort of work?

I’m a documentary film-maker plus I love short-form content, meeting cool people and great design.

What made you choose to make a career in the design industry?

It wasn’t really a choice, more of an evolution. I suppose I used to have a ‘career’ in the music TV industry, now I’m working a lot in the design field. It’s actually very similar in that they are both sectors where art meets commerce and the good people in both are doing it for the love not the money.

Studio Ore

What do you think differentiates Zetteler from the ever-growing number of PR agencies popping up out there (if anything)?

Zetteler is for real. It has grown out of an authentic passion and curiosity for art, design and humanity and you can’t buy that.

What’s the best bit of your day?

It’s that moment when the light is just right – it could be at any time and not always when the camera is rolling.

What excites you about the design scene today?

I love the boom in making in the design world. It’s the more tactile, hands-on side that appeals to my more visual interests. There’s a lot of craft in design anyway and I like to see dirt under the fingernails…if you know what I mean.

Do you have a favourite designer/studio/brand/general creative force?  

My favourite brands would be things like Best Made Co and Filson for when I’m dreaming of being outdoors and their photo and video content is beautiful. I follow lots of great photographers on Instagram and Flickr, such as Patrick Joust and Interieur Bleu. http://www.soitgoesmag.com/So It Goes Magazine is also really good.

One of Zetteler Films latest projects, What’s Your DNA?

What do you do in your life outside Zetteler?

I’m a family man so I mostly hang out with my brood. I cook and shoot still photography and sometimes make other films and TV.

If you have one, what’s your current pet hate?

Brexiteers and people who hate coriander. Show me a coriander-hating leave voter and it’s all there.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Wear good shoes and my old mentor at the BBC used to always say, “What’s your take?” as in, you need to have a thesis or at least an opinion about a subject. It can change as you explore deeper, but at least you’ll have somewhere to start from.

Most inspiring thing you’ve ever seen?


Specialist subject on Mastermind?

The life and work of Harold Feinstein.

Favourite place to go in London?

Soho on a sunny Friday evening.

First thing you do in the morning?

Crawl out from underneath a toddler bundle.

So It Goes Magazine
In the first of this blog series we got up close and personal with Sabine Zetteler – here is what she said…

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