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Emily with Jess and Katie at NOW Gallery's opening of Camille Walala's NOW x PLAY exhibition.
26th July 2017

Meet the Team: Emily Ward, Marketing Manager

There was a time, not so many weeks ago, when Zetteler HQ ran out of chairs. An impromptu chair assembling session ensued. The shortage was not due to a burglar with a strange liking for office chairs or even an overzealous game of musical chairs. Instead, the reason was far nicer: a shiny new member of the Zetteler team! 

Emily Ward joined Zetteler as marketing manager in early-June. Trained as a furniture designer, Emily comes from Zetteler client London Design Fair where she spent three years in various marketing roles, departing as the fair’s
marketing and communications manager. 

We’re looking forward to having a new creative brain on the team, as well as another office DJ. 

Enough from us, here’s Emily in her own words… 
How did you end up here?

I have always had my eyes set on the UK’s capital and moved here from Bradford shortly after studying Furniture Design in High Wycombe. I knew during my studies that I loved furniture and design, but that I was made to talk about everyone else’s work and not my own. Straight after university, I went to the London Design Fair and worked in its marketing team for nearly three years. With the Fair having such a broad range of exhibitors, it was a joy to be so ingrained in the industry so quickly after I completed my studies.

London Design Fair 2016 entrance designed by Kangan Arora.

What made you choose a career in the design industry?

I had a wonderful teacher at secondary school who encouraged me to go down the creative route. She made me realise that there is more to a career than a nine-to-five route to owning a house, perhaps at my parents dismay! One of my favourite places to visit as a child, and still today, is Salts Mill. For anyone visiting Yorkshire, it is a must see. Within the mill there is a design store, which is better described as a design museum where you can touch everything. Being able to see design and interact with it regularly was such a privilege.

I was always fascinated by making and being involved and for me it’s got to be tangible and considered. I believe that designing a product can’t just be for the sake of it. Instead, the creator believes that the object will make a difference to the society, its owner or its surroundings. I don’t think it was ever a choice to join the industry, it was bound to happen for me. I have always been fascinated by learning, making and doing.

Salts Mill by David Hockney
What do you think differentiates Zetteler from the ever-growing number of PR agencies popping up out there (if anything)?

The no-bullshit approach with constant determination to be useful, honest and helpful.

What’s the best bit of your day?

Morning stand-ups – 10 minutes where we plan how we will change the world that day, every morning.

Zetteler team photoshoot with amazing Anthony Burrill prints.
Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to working on in the coming months?

Apart from working at Zetteler HQ with some of the most inspiring people and smartest brains in the industry (honestly, I’m not just kissing ass), it has to the be London Design Festival in September. The festival has always been a huge part of my annual calendar at the London Design Fair, but now I get to work across the city and the globe with a huge variety of different designers, exhibitions and events. What’s really exciting about joining Zetteler is that after the London Design Festival, I don’t have to wait another year for a big event. I am delighted to still be working with the London Design Fair on Dutch Stuff, Assembly, and Material of the Year 2017. As well as the Crafts Council on a number of their big projects including Collect. 
Dutch Invertuals in Milan 2017 will also be exhibiting in Dutch Stuff at the London Design Fair 2017.
What excites you about the design scene today?

The people. Always the people. My tastes and style are constantly adapting, but it is the people and their ideas that continue to bowl me over, whether they are fresh blood or someone that has been around for years.

Do you have a favourite designer/studio/brand?  

No way! That’s like asking a parent who is their favourite child. In the context of design, I can be easily swayed and am eager to be questioned on my choices and those of others. I love being taught about a movement or a style that I previously didn’t like, for whatever reason, and more often than not, it becoming something that I begin to love and appreciate.

If you have one, what’s your current pet hate?

Crumbs in butter and a wet spoon in a sugar pot.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Measure twice, cut once. Applies to all elements of life and work, not just making furniture.

Favourite place to go in London?

Weavers Fields in Bethnal Green. It’s the only park in London where you can see the true spectrum of people who live and work in London.

Not London's prettiest park but still one of Emily's favourites.

What are the biggest differences between working for an individual organisation and working for an agency?

The way I see it, at London Design Fair I had one client, the fair, which included 500 independent designers, established brands, international country pavilions, features and exhibitions. At Zetteler I have multiple clients which vary between independent designers, established brands, international country pavilions, features and exhibitions.

Want to say hello to Emily? Email her on emily@zetteler.co.uk, call +44 (0)20 3735 5855 or send a pigeon to Studio 3, De Beauvoir Block, N1 4EN.


Studio 3
De Beauvoir Block
92 De Beauvoir Road
N1 4EN

+44 (0)20 3735 5855