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From left to right; Anthony, Katie, Amy, Sabine, Emily, Dorothy, Anya, Jess and Andy
19th November 2017

Meet the Team: Katie Logue, Social Media Manager

Katie joined Zetteler almost two years ago and, as our Social Media Manager, is a connoisseur of all things social. Although a sucker for design, Katie knows more than a thing or two about art and fashion. Having completed an undergraduate degree in History of Art at London’s Courtauld Institute, she then moved to Manchester to study a Masters in International Fashion Marketing.

Put off by the nature of fast fashion and the industry’s lack of socially conscious approaches, as well as frankly realising that she didn’t care all that much about fashion, Katie moved back to London and found her groove in the world of design. She’s been at Zetteler ever since.   

Below we quiz Katie on what she does, how she ended up here, and what’s to love about the current design scene. 

Oh, and don’t challenge her to a Destiny’s Child sing-off… 

Hello Katie, what do you do at Zetteler?
It varies a lot but my main responsibilities are to support clients with social media content and
supporting Zetteler’s marketing activities.
How did you end up here? (At Zetteler, I mean, not biologically)
I moved to London to study History of Art and knew immediately that I wanted to be work in London within a creative industry. After graduating I felt I needed some “business skills” so returned home to complete a MSc in International Fashion Marketing. I didn’t fall in love with fashion but was pleased to walk away with a clearer idea of what I didn’t want to do. After several internships – WGSN, The Other Art Fair and Protein –  I finally landed in the Zetteler office. I worked as an intern for the first three months and was then offered a full time position, which I quickly said yes to.
What skills/interests/bits of your personality make you suited to this sort of work?
As well as there being lots of enthusiasm and excitable energy in the office, we’re all extremely curious. Curiosity is in my personality, particularly when something is related to design with creatives exploring beautiful and intelligent solutions.
Zetteler HQ
What made you choose to make a career in the design industry?
I loved studying art but I couldn’t see myself as a curator, I couldn’t hack 3 years studying for a PHD. I learnt a lot from my Masters degree but, and most importantly, I learnt that I didn’t love  fashion and despised fast fashion too much to work in any part of the industry. So I had to find another creative scene and I’m really glad that it was design.
What do you think differentiates Zetteler from the ever-growing number of PR agencies popping up
out there (if anything)?
What I’d like to think sets us apart is our human approach and determination to get things right.
What’s the best bit of your day?
My favourite moments are when new projects come in. It’s so exciting to learn about a new brand/designer/business and get excited about what they do.
Are there any highlights that stick out in your mind so far?
The Restoration Station x Yinka Ilori LDF project. It was everything that I like about people and design in one project. Yinka’s use of colour and playfulness mixed with Restoration Station’s skills and hands-on approach to helping those in need made the project really sing to me.
Yinka Ilori in conversation with Amo at the first Restoration Station x Yinka Ilori LDF17 workshop
What excites you about the design scene today?
I haven’t been in the design industry for long but it feels like sustainable design is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. I hated fashion because so much is made for the sake of it, but the current design scene looks for means to be more resourceful and use what we have more strategically.
If you have one, what’s your current pet hate?
Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Treat others as you want to be treated. Cliché but important.
Specialist subject on Mastermind?
I’d love to lie and choose something intelligent but it would definitely be 90s R&B lyrics, specifically Destiny’s Child’s Writings on the Wall album.

At the launch of Rick Pushinsky's Just Not Kosher recipe cards. From left to right; Steven Morris (Rick's dad), Dorothy, Jodi, Emily and Katie

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