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26th January 2017

Monotype introduces Tazugane Gothic typeface

There’s rarely a time when font foundry Monotype isn’t up to something that makes us tremble with excitement, and this week is no different. Challenging itself as always, Monotype has just launched the Tazugane Gothic Typeface, which blends traditional elements with a modern, humanistic style and is its first ever original Japanese typeface. 
Tazugane sketches
Designed to be versatile, fluid and easily read from a distance, the Tazugane Gothic typeface offers ten weights and has been created to complement the classic Latin typeface Neue Frutiger effortlessly. Designed by Akira Kobayashi, Kazuhiro Yamada and Ryoto Doj of the Monotype Studio, Tazugane Gothic typeface works collaboratively with Neue Frutiger in a natural and adaptable way that suits an extended range of applications, including magazines, books and many other forms of print media. It is also designed to be applied to digital formats and is an easy-to-use tool in branding and corporate identity systems. Its clarity and versatility is also ideal for buildings, highways and transit signage. 
Citing the inspiration for the typeface’s name as the crane motif that dominates literature and art in East Asia, and symbolises longevity in Japan, Monotype named the font ‘Tazugane’ as this is the word used for crane in the Man’yoshu, Japan’s most ancient collection of poetry.  
“The widely used typographic styles most familiar to Japanese audiences are steeped in heritage and history, so we set out to create a typeface that honors that tradition while being adaptable for modern environments,” said Kobayashi. “We designed the Tazugane Gothic typeface to have wide appeal, which is why it complements Neue Frutiger so well. The trend of using Japanese and Latin texts together in various media is only increasing, so the two typefaces create a much more pleasing and consistent experience for readers, whether they’re looking at a screen, reading a sign or engaging with a brand.”  - Monotype
When Japanese and European fonts are used together in the same text, the Latin alphabet often looks smaller in comparison to Japanese type. Combatting this, the Tazugane Gothic typeface includes a larger version of the Neue Frutiger typeface with a downward-shifted baseline. While the Tazugane Gothic typeface was designed to pair with an adjusted version of the Neue Frutiger typeface, it also pairs well with other Latin typefaces, including the Neue Helvetica®, FF DIN®, Avenir® Next and Syntax® Next typefaces. 
The Tazugane Gothic typeface family is available through MyFonts.com, Fonts.com, Linotype.com and FontShop.com.

Join the conversation about the Tazugane Gothic typeface online via #Tazugane on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


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