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21st October 2016

Paper play with Daisy de Villeneuve

Recognised for her unique brand of playful felt-tip visuals, illustrator, designer and writer Daisy de Villeneuve’s work often projects a cheerfully child-like nostalgia onto the briefs she is presented with. Having previously worked with LVMH, Habitat, Nike and Vogue, the Breed-represented creative was approached by Puffin Books and V&A to produce Fashion Mash-Up, an illustrated fashion press-out dress up book.

An ode to the art of tactile-imagination, Daisy’s illustrations for Fashion Mash-Up narrate the elegant development of iconic style trends and the best of fashion from V&A. With the October 27 release date less than two weeks away, we stole a few minutes of the in-demand illustrator’s time to find out more about this beautiful project. 

How did you come to be involved in Fashion Mash-Up?
They approached Breed, and it sounded like a fun project. I have always loved paper dolls!

Do you have a favourite piece from the V&A archive?
I like the engraving of Queen Elizabeth I. In fact, a few years ago I designed a t- shirt for V&A inspired by it.

Puffin Books' collaboration with the V&A is all about inspiring creativity in children, what advice would you give to young creatives?
My advice would be to visit galleries, take a sketch book & camera, remember to date everything that's drawn or photographed and to keep a diary...

What's the most inspiring exhibition you've been to recently?
I was in Dublin recently and saw a photography show at one of the local galleries that focused on youth culture and the time between adolescence and adulthood.

You work at the intersection of fashion and fine art - what do you enjoy most about working in illustration?
I like the versatility, I can work with a wide variety of brands and organisations, incorporating both fashion and art in a fun and unique way.

Have you got any other exciting projects coming up that you can tell us about?
Yes, I'm currently designing some veils with my good friend Gabrielle Djanogly, a milliner that has worked with Stephen Jones.

Published by Puffin in association with V&A, Fashion Mash-Up will be available to buy from October 27.
Photo by Alistair Guy

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