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25th March 2017

The GOOD List #11

This week we are sending as much positivity your way as we can. Here’s the latest GOOD news from team Zetteler.
Jess’ GOOD news:

Jess spent last week hanging out with the designer/maker folks of the Cornish countryside but raced back to London on Saturday for an induction into a mentoring programme with the charity Migrants Organise. It was an impressive, well structured and insightful morning. There's plenty more to learn but Jess is looking forward to the challenge! | Find out more about the activities at Migrants Organise here.
Migrants Organise is a platform where refugees and migrants organise for power, dignity and justice.
Jodi’s GOOD news:

Jodi spotted a brilliant feature on News Week about a Muppet with autism that’s just joined the Sesame Street cast, a first for the show. Julia will make her debut on April 10. The introduction is intended to help destigmatise autism and reduce isolation among diagnosed children. | Read about it here.
Sesame Street’s newest cast member in 10 years, Julia, is autistic.
Sabine’s GOOD news:

This week Sabine stumbled upon one of her all-time fave BBC documentaries 'What Do Artists Do All Day?', this time featuring portrait photographer Dougie Wallace. She’d seen his images before but had very little idea who he actually is. Turns out he's hilarious and gives absolutely no shits in the most hysterical way. His series of images taken around the vicinity of Harrods, entitled Harrodsburg, captures the most flamboyant of London's inhabitants flouncing about in their Lamborghini’s, with their countless designer label-saturated shopping bags. It's an uncomfortable world to view and his take on it and his method of capturing his images is highly amusing | Enjoy the 30 minutes of pure hilarity here.
An image from Wallace's Harrodsburg series.
Dorothy’s GOOD news:

Dorothy is loving 1843 magazine. In this month’s issue she has been enjoying an article about Calligrafitti, which is a growing trend across the Middle East, with young artists combining western grafitti styles with traditional calligraphy. Often political in subject matter, the artists express discontentment with society or hope to spread peace and love. Plus it looks really cool. | Check it out here.
“Perception”, by the French-Tunisian artist eL Seed, spans more than 50 buildings in the Manshiyat Naser district of Cairo
Katie’s GOOD news:

Katie has been obsessing over designer Anna Haldewag’s fairly scary insight into what the future could like in a world without our precious bees. Haldewag has created small drones that could do the job of bees if they do become extinct. | Find out more here.
Haldewag's bee-like drone in action.
Amy’s GOOD news:

Amy visited St Peter Ad Vincula Church in Coggeshall last weekend to see Colchester Chamber Choir perform pieces based on the Song of Songs (which is a pretty racy and incongruous part of the bible). Her mum is in the choir and due to this she's found herself in some of the most beautiful and obscure cathedrals, churches and gardens of the South East over the last 10 years or so - something she would never have done of her own accord, reminding her of the opportunities for finding beauty outside of your immediate interests. | More here.
Colchester Chamber Choir mid-performance.
Milly’s GOOD news:

Over on Creative Review Milly’s attention was caught by People Power: Fighting For Peace. It’s a new exhibition at the Imperial War Museum tracking the evolution of Britain’s anti-war movement, covering everything from Siegfried Sassoon’s poetry to the modern day role of social media in resistance. | Read the full review here.
Photo-Op, 2005, by Peter Kennard and Cat Philipps is shown in People Power: Fighting For Peace.
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