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Fondazione Achille Castiglioni
14th April 2017

The GOOD list #13

Yes, we know, we skipped a week. Luckily for us, while we were busy soaking up the sights of Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile, the world kept turning and we came home to a barrage of heart-warming, progress reflective news stories. Here are some of our favourites. 

Amy’s GOOD news:

"As an artist I come to sing, but as a citizen, I will always speak for peace, and no one can silence me in this.”

Paul Robeson was an American singer, actor and activist who was blacklisted during the McCarthy era and denied a passport due to his involvement with the likes of the Civil Rights Congress and the CAA. Once his passport was restored he always took the opportunity to sing to the workers he met. This week Amy watched a moving film of him singing acapella to Scottish miners. A small but powerful act of artistic generosity and solidarity. | Watch it here.

Paul Robeson sings to Scottish miners (1949)
Jodi’s GOOD news:

As recommend by Michael Marriott, last week Jodi visited Achille Castiglioni's studio in central Milan. The incredibly intimate tour (run by his daughter) of his untouched studio left her feeling inspired during Milan’s chaotic but wonderful design week. | Learn more about Fondazione Achille Castiglioni here.

Fondazione Achille Castiglioni
Milly’s GOOD news:

Restoration Station is now open three days a week (one more than previously possible) thanks to a team of new volunteers. Last Sunday Jodi and Dorothy volunteered for the day, enabling the shop element of the powerful social enterprise to operate for four more precious hours. Responding to Restoration Station's limited funding and staff, team Zetteler decided to form a rota of shop assistants so it can open every Sunday moving forward. | Make sure to stop by Sunday 23 April when they'll be open again.

Restoration Station
Katie’s GOOD news:

Three Disegno x British Council talks at Palazzo Clerici stood out to Katie at Salone del Mobile. They discussed the future of European design in relation to education, industry and policy, and there was a great host of talks including; Sarah Mann (British Council), Jan Bolean (Design Academy Eindhoven) and designer Ineke Hans. These talks offered a fantastic opportunity to hear unique industry insights and to consider them comparatively. | More information here.

Disegno x British Council
Dorothy’s GOOD news:

Out in Milan, Seed London's exhibition (north of Centrale) was in a beautiful location and showcased massively interesting work. Dorothy was shown around by Jochen Holz, who explained the exhibition and was particularly enamoured by Odd Matter's plaster sculptures that recreated the appearance of marble. | seedslondon.com

Dorothy also had a great chat with MacGuffin magazine, a title she had admired from afar but was yet to hold in her hands. Each issue is based around a single object and explores the life of things, while being beautifully put together. | macguffin.nl 

Seeds Gallery
Sabine’s GOOD news:

Sabine is keen to celebrate the news of Edward Enninful joining British Vogue as editor, replacing Alexandra Shulman after 25 years. It’s fantastic news for the title and an industry that has a long way to go to truly represent the British population. Raven Smith shared a great quote on his Instagram feed from The New York Times (applicable to all creative industries): "Nearly all of the design heads of major brands are white, as are the chief executives, so the fact that a black man will be in such a visible position is an important step — especially as Britain prepares to withdraw from the European Union and prejudice and cultural isolationism become more prevalent. Mr. Enninful’s background and experience of the world are bound to inform the sensibility of the magazine he will make.” | More on Vogue.

Edward Enninful
Jess’ GOOD news:

It was Jess’ first time in Milan last week. It was a slightly mind altering moment for her and raised more questions than answers, particularly in relation to the role of design within local, national and global communities. Mega highlights from the week include speaking to the volunteers and makers from Social Label — a new Dutch “work concept” that believes in designing labour, rather than objects. (Little shout out to Jaap who is one of the ceramics team - thanks for explaining all of the illustrations to us!) Atelier Clerici was a close second for huge Milan impact, what an area - too hard to put words too but seeing the ongoing discussion at the Open Design School, pausing and absorbing in the back courtyard and spending time in all of the exhibitions (MacGuffin and Z33 in particular) was really, simply, exciting!

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Social Label

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