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The Kibera Ballet School, photo by Fredrik Lerneryd
21st April 2017

The GOOD List #14

Alas, another week of being thoroughly disappointed by the state of UK and EU politics. But there is good in the world, and we’ve hunted some of it down. It’s this week’s good news.

Jess’ GOOD news:
Jess is reading Peter Russell’s book The Awakening Earth: The Global Brain, and on Thursday fell asleep reading about “the nineteen subsystems of a general living system”. Waking up to the news that her 18 year old sister had rolled her car (she’s totally fine and so is the grassy bank she drove into) was a bit of a scare, but witnessing the different strands of communication that unfolded between the emergency services was incredibly impressive. The synergy in the processes was as efficient as you can imagine a complex system to be. | Get lost in Russell’s Global Brain here.

Amy’s GOOD news:
Amy sought exploration in the form of a cute mini-documentary about the sovereign nation of Atlantium, founded in 1981 by three Sydney teenagers. The video features its benevolent emperor, George II, explaining its global reach and progressive values. | Watch it here.

Katie’s GOOD news:
The Kibera Ballet School forms part of Anno's Africa and onefineday.org projects working in the slums of Kenya. Classes are held by teacher and former dancer Mike Wamaya. The collaborative classes are giving young dancers a chance to perform in Nairobi's national theatre. | Explore a beautiful series of photographs with the Guardian.

The Kibera Ballet School , photo by Fredrik Lerneryd
Sabine’s GOOD news:
Despite the traumatic (and pointless) political explosion that erupted on Tuesday, the vacuous “meh" she felt upon experiencing Salone del Mobile’s oversaturated offering of extortionate, good-for-nothing stuff, more fake news and so-called “expert fatigue”, Sabine somehow manages to find a weekly safe space within the pages of both the New Statesman and the New Scientist (say yes to experts). Last week's issue featured a story about the future of technical photosynthesis and it made her heart skip a beat. “Nature knows how to do chemistry and humans know how to make electricity,” says Thomas Moore, who studies solar energy capture at Arizona State University. “It makes a lot of sense to put the two things together.” | Subscribe and read the rest here.
Milly’s GOOD news:
Content strategist turned fitness and nutrition superhuman Gemma Germains is a comfortingly agitated female voice in the world of sexist creative business. This week she tweeted (and added to) a link to Bonnie Abbott’s Reparative List For Your Male-Dominated Design Conference. It’s a live document created for people across the globe to discover and recommend amazing women in design. | Check it out here.
Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator of the Department of Architecture & Design at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC
Otegha Uwagba founder of Women Who
Dorothy’s GOOD news:
While pottering around her kitchen over the delightfully long weekend, Dorothy enjoyed listening to a great programme on Radio 4 about fashion, feminism, politics and punk in The Reunion. | Listen to Women of Punk here.


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