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Queer British Art at Tate Britain. Photo Joe Humphrys.
28th April 2017

The GOOD List #15

From thought-provoking cinema to Dorothy’s growing interest in how we interact with type and its power to motivate us, it’s this week’s GOOD news. 

Sabine’s GOOD news:
Sabine’s good news comes in two parts. First up, The Castle Cinema in Homerton. An independent, crowdfunded, new and amazing cinema five minutes from her front door. Positioned  above the swanky SPAR it is a small perfectly formed space filled with massive armchairs and a super interesting line up of films and events — including Wednesdays nights, when they showcase a different documentary each week. | Learn more about The Castle Cinema here.

Sticking with cinema, Sabine’s second piece of news was an education in equal rights in America for the black community — having been to see I Am Not Your Negro. She found it confronting, terrifying, depressing and fascinating. “My soul was stirred and though I left the cinema feeling exhausted, infuriated with the unbearable injustices so many people faced (and still face) trying to go about their daily lives, I was grateful to be slightly less ignorant than 90 minutes beforehand.” | Find out more here. 

The Castle Cinema
I Am Not Your Negro
Dorothy’s GOOD news:
This week Dorothy is loving Sarah Hyndman and her new book, How to Draw Type and Influence People. The book presents her research into how typography is not just seen but heard, felt, tasted and sniffed. Her article for It’s Nice That outlines the ways in which we interact with type, something Dorothy’s become particularly interested in. By affecting our sense, Sarah also argues that type affects our mood! | Read the article here.

Katie’s GOOD news:
This week Katie was particularly taken with Disegno's reflections on Milan which asked the question, "What do all of those launches, installations, performances, exhibitions, talks and roundtables actually mean?". The heavy branding of so many exhibitions was only slightly balanced out by a small selection of shows that sought to create sustainable, forward-thinking design, such as Max Lamb's work with Kvadrat. | Read more about it here.

Max Lamb's benches for Really
Jodi’s GOOD news:
On Friday last week Jodi visited the Queer British Art exhibition at Tate Britain and insists that the rest of us should too. It begins with Victorian Neoclassical scenes and takes you all the way through to the 60s finishing with works from David Hockney and Francis Bacon. Jodi says she read every bit of copy in all eight of the rooms. One not to miss. | See it before 1 October 2017. Details here.

Queer British Art at Tate Britain
Amy’s GOOD news:
After reading a great George Monbiot article on the snap election Amy downloaded the audiobook of Rules for Revolutionaries, which was written by two of the chief strategists for the Bernie Sanders’ campaign that took him from complete outsider to within sight of winning the democratic nomination. The book details how those methods, now refined, could be used to propel other progressive movements to success. 

Jess’ GOOD news:
Jess went to see Between Worlds: The Moth in London at the Union Chapel on Monday. “The Moth's mission is to promote the art and craft of storytelling and to honour and celebrate the diversity and commonality of human experience.” People stand up on stage and tell a personal story from their lives to a mega audience. There’s a mix of professional and non-professional speakers. One story was by Chris Clement-Green, a former sergeant in the Thames Valley Police force. She talked about the early days in her career, when she’d just finished her training, and was introduced to racial discrimination by a superior. Her response was to work hard to form relationships within the community that crossed seemingly imposed racial divides. Jess’ take home line from her story was “behaviour breeds behaviour”. If you want to create change then you have to be the change. | Listen to their podcasts.
Milly’s GOOD news:
Design Week shared the story that Ikea is set to help Syrian refugees integrate with a jobs initiative in Jordan. The retailer plans to expand its Social Entrepreneurs initiative to the country, which will see Syrian refugees and local Jordanian women produce textiles and rugs to be sold in Ikea stores in the Middle East. | Read in full here.

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