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18th May 2017

The GOOD List #18

We’re getting fired up this week by the upcoming general election and unlikely pairings to get out the youth vote. Plus geeking out on science, making sense of our great capital and taking advice from philosophers: it’s this week’s GOOD news.

Katie’s GOOD news:
After an inspiring workshop at The School of Life, Katie had a quick scan of the shop and picked up Life Lessons from Nietzsche by philosopher John Armstrong. Part of a bigger series examining the work of great thinkers, the book focuses on some of the theorist’s key ideas and explores their resonance in today’s context. | Grab a copy here.

Jess’ GOOD news:
Jess’s good news this week came in an email from the British Council’s Gian Luca about Familiar Spaces, a walking tour of the King’s Cross redevelopment in partnership with Disegno and the Finnish Institute. It’s part of this weekend’s Open Senses Festival (tagline: “Bringing London to its senses”), which aims to increase our awareness and understanding of how senses influence perception. There are some beautiful definitions of sensory experience on their website here. There will be exhibitions, live events and performances, sensory journeys and walks, open studios and labs, and a symposium running all weekend. 
 | More information here.
Sabine’s GOOD news:
The brilliant Rob Lowe – aka Supermundane – has created these bold, intense visuals to try and reach out to more people than ever ahead of the general election. There isn't much time, but I hope it works. It's Nice That really resonates with young people: if they can convince them to register and make their voices heard before 22 May, we could be in a better position come 8 June. The Conservative manifesto (whenever they bother to release it) will no doubt be filled with 'socially-focused' (empty) rhetoric. They have no legal requirement to stick to anything in their manifesto, so it will be filled with NHS, social care and education promises that go entirely against the grain of their actions. We need to reach the 30 per cent of young, politically apathetic humans who can't be bothered to vote because of the relentless lying that's gone on for generations. The Tory lies are terrifying. What is there to vote for when no one ever sticks to their word? A lot, as it happens. Who has been consistently working towards a fairer, kinder world since forever? Jeremy Corbyn. Nuff said. #voteLabour #DoNotVoteTory | Find the feature here.

Dorothy’s GOOD news:
Dorothy’s mind was blown by an article in the New Scientist about the colours of our dreams. Apparently what we watch has a profound (if little-understood) effect. Having recently undergone radiotherapy on his eye, an Australian man who had always dreamt in black and white (Australia didn’t get colour TV until 1975) suddenly started dreaming in colour. This was just one of the many facts Dorothy gleaned from the publication this weekend – she spent a long car journey and rainy afternoon in Cornwall annoyingly reading things out to her family as they were too good not to share. | Find more facts here.
It was this big – in my dream. Dmitriy Maruk/EyeEm/Getty
Jodi’s GOOD news:
Jodi was cheered this week by the news that grime MC JME and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn met on Sunday last week to discuss music, education and politics. Hopefully this kind of outreach will encourage more people (especially 18–25 year-olds) to register to vote in the upcoming general election. i-D has made a soon-to-be launched film about the conversation | Watch the trailer here.
Amy’s GOOD news:
Feeling otherwise defeated at trying to break out of her echo chamber, Amy was heartened by journalist Billie J D Porter and jeweller Dominic Jones' visual campaign to get as many young people registered to vote as possible. They collected imagery from a range of artists and conducted a massive drive to have the pieces shared by celebrities and publications able to reach beyond our everyday bubbles. Images such as this one from Simone Rocha were shared by the likes of Emily Watson, Cara Delevingne and Vogue. We have until Monday to get as many voters registered as possible. | Find out more here.
Simone Rocha

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