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26th May 2017

The Good List #19

Love letters to trees, a breast cancer warrior, Skype for the greater good, and Jeremy Deller doing his bit for the election; it’s this week’s GOOD List. 
This week also marks a freelance addition to the Zetteler team. Anya Lawrence comes fresh from almost three years writing for Disegno as the magazine’s online editor and is currently in the midst of enthusiastically wading her way through the jungle of freelance design. Catch her GOOD news below. 
Dorothy’s GOOD news: 
Dorothy read about a brilliant project that links refugees living abroad with people wanting to learn Arabic via Skype. As well as allowing subscribers to practice their conversation skills, whilst simultaneously providing much-needed jobs in countries that have experienced a huge and sudden influx of refugees in the last few years, one of the project’s biggest success stories has been the friendships that have been forged. | Read the Fast Company feature here.

Jess’s GOOD news: 
The launch of Riposte magazine’s latest issue put a smile on Jess’s face. The Sunday session was glorious, providing intelligent and challenging conversation on subjects including colour, sex and productivity. Dr Fiona Vera-Grey talked about her research project Women on Porn, which gives a new perspective on little-discussed subjects. The Working Smart session inspired all of kinds of questions and new research into management processes and systems. Momentum, Pocket and Hot Jar are all apps that Jess will be trialling this week as a result. HUGE thanks Team Riposte! | You can find more information on the new issue here

Ripose Issue 8: Ericka Hart
Amy’s GOOD news: 
A sweet story about emailing trees appealed to Amy this week, or maybe what appealed to her is how people can take something functional and force poetry out of it. As part of the Urban Forest Strategy, 77,000 trees in Melbourne were assigned individual emails, the idea being that locals could use these emails to report trees that had been vandalised or needed some TLC. Instead residents used the emails to write love letters to their favourite trees. Hello Green Leaf Elm, it’s me again... | Read the news story here. 
Katie’s GOOD news: 
Katie’s Good News comes in the form of The Beauty Project, a global exhibition initiated by Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh that seeks to examine why we’re drawn to beauty and how it can shape our behaviour and psychology. “Throughout most of the 20th and 21st century, beauty has gotten a bad reputation. Many respectable designers claim not be interested in it, the contemporary art world has almost completely abandoned it and one can leaf through stacks of architecture books without seeing the term mentioned once.” |  Find out more about the project on It’s Nice That. 
Jodi’s GOOD news: 
Last week Riposte launched its eighth issue with the magazine’s boldest cover to date. Featuring breast cancer warrior, sex educator and performer Ericka Hart, shot by Shaniqwa Jarvis, the cover stood out as Jodi’s GOOD highlight of the week. In an interview with It’s Nice That, Risposte founder and editor-in-chief, Danielle Pender explains why chronic illness doesn't look one particular way: 
“At 28 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a double mastectomy but when she googled this, all she found were photos of Angelina Jolie and a bunch of white women. She didn’t see anyone who looked like her. When she then found out that black women were more likely to die from breast cancer because they’re diagnosed too late she decided to do something about it and made it her mission to use her body to spread the message that women need to get checked out. For the new issue we talked to her about her experience and also about her work as a sex educator – I told you she was powerful!
"Putting Ericka and her bare boobs on our cover made us nervous but if you don’t do things that are scary then what’s the point? I think she looks beautiful and powerful. She’s challenging your expectations of what a breast cancer survivor looks like and what post breast cancer boobs look like – I’d never seen any until Ericka. With this issue and this cover we want to challenge what’s “normal” because breast cancer is normal and it happens to women everywhere – you just never see them.” | Read more on It's Nice That. 

Ripose Issue 8: Ericka Hart photographed by Shaniqwa Jarvis
Anya’s GOOD news: 
Jeremy Deller’s contribution to the election campaign brought a chuckle or two to Anya’s week. Last weekend a series of posters with the text “strong and stable my arse” – a response to Theresa’s May inability to speak in anything but rehearsed, media-friendly spiel – appeared across London. The posters were shared across social media with the author unknown. Later Jeremy Deller revealed himself as the creative genius behind them. The Turner Prize-winner described the posters as “self-explanatory”, particularly in light of the Prime Minister’s U-turn on the Conservative manifesto plans for social care reforms. Big pat on the back Jeremy! | Read about the posters here.

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