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17th June 2017

The Good List #22

It’s difficult to stay upbeat with the tragedy of Grenfell Tower weighing heavy on everyone's minds. What these horrific events do, is remind us of what it is to be human, and show the strength we have when we come together to offer support and kindness to others. It seems that there couldn’t be a more fitting time for the Great Get Together (taking place this weekend) - it's an initiative that sees neighbourhoods celebrating what we have in common and making generous steps to strengthen our communities through fun, shared activities.
Below, Zetteler runs down some of the highlights of good stuff that happened in the week that’s just passed
Jess’s GOOD news: 
Katie and I had a very GOOD day at Here London on Friday and we'll be sharing our highlights next week. For now I’m going to focus on another moment of gold from last week. We bumped into Zetteler friend Laura Snoad, at Here London, who told us that she’d been part of a team of campaigners for Wes Streeting. Wes is a Labour MP for Ilford North, as well as head of education at Stonewall, a charity fighting to tackle homophobia in schools, and the president of the NUS. His majority went from 589 to 9639 on Thursday - a small statistic in the grand scale of things but one that gave me goosebumps and hope in the power of people to change things. I didn’t get out on the streets but thank god so many people did. | Read more about Wes’s win here
Wes Streeting at the Ilford North count. Picture: Ralph Blackburn
Katie’s GOOD news: 
One of my many highlights from last week was the trip to It's Nice That's annual symposium, Here London.
The event was set in Kensington’s Royal Geographic Society and was filled with inspiring and uplifting talks from a wide range of creatives. During lunch Jess and I sat in the garden with journalist Laura Snoad where we got onto the topic of podcasts. After being recommended The Heart by Laura, I eagerly downloaded a handful and am now hooked. The Heart is an audio art project founded by Kaitlin Prest that explores intimacy and humanity. Some episodes are light and hilarious, while others touch on tough subjects, but all are honest and encourage open conversation. | Find out more and have a listen here. 

Dorothy’s GOOD news:

Not mentioning the election which, to my absolute delight, went far better than I had anticipated, I was very happy to see that the UK at Wednesday lunchtime was being supplied with more than half renewable energy for the first time ever. Hooray for the sun and wind. This is a great milestone for the UK. | Read more on the BBC.

Anya’s GOOD news: 
There’s an awful lot of politics in the journalism that you choose to consume. Most Guardian readers would wince at the idea of reading the Telegraph or the Sun, and vice versa. Likewise, you’ll rarely catch a BBC news viewer straying to ITV. This week it’s a little different. Over the weekend, neighbourhoods across the UK will come together for The Great Get Together, a series of national celebrations of all shapes and sizes (think street parties, cake sales, barn dances, picnics) held in memorial of Jo Cox, the Labour MP murdered by a far-right fanatic a year ago. Although the event in itself is a bit of a steal from Jess’s GOOD News last week, there’s one particular aspect that makes it worthy of a second mention. 
Driven by Jo’s belief that "We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than that which divides us,” the Great Get Together has prompted rivals from the worlds of politics, journalism and broadcasting to unite. On Tuesday, the Sun and the Mirror published the same editorial for the first time in their history, while the editors of the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph also wrote a joint article. All four living former prime ministers, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, John Major and David Cameron, have recorded messages about what they believe unites Britain as a nation and in Yorkshire, where Jo was MP for Batley and Spen, rival local news teams for the BBC and ITV will stage a joint broadcast of the weekend’s events. 
Katharine Viner and Chris Evans in their joint article for the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph capture the importance of uniting, especially in a world of opposition and rivalry, perfectly. “As editors we are extremely concerned by steps by some governments around the world to restrict press freedom, and in some cases to threaten or endanger reporters”. They conclude: “As the Great Get Together is launched this coming weekend in memory of Jo Cox’s life and work, we two editors have no hesitation in uniting, if for one day only, to share the fine sentiment of George Orwell, that: ‘If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear’.” | Read more about uniting of press rivals on the Guardian here and about the Great Get Together here.
Jo Cox MP. Photograph: BBC/Amos Pictures
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (centre) hosts a tea party at his River Cottage HQ in Axminster, Devon, as part of The Great Get Together. Photograph: Neil Munns/PA
Jodi’s GOOD news: 
After last weeks election results I really enjoyed reading this article on Huck written by Michael Segalov.
"It's a strange feeling, for someone who for so long despaired at the state of the United Kingdom, to now feel proud of its people." I couldn't agree with Michael more. | Read more here. 
Emily’s GOOD news: 
America is currently Trump's but there are many great people and places saying F@#* Trump, all in their own ways, dotted across America. One of my favourites is Bulletin Broads, a small feminist store in New York that is making a big difference. Bulletin Broads is an all-female company that has curated 30 of its favourite female-run brands that make products for and about women. | Stock up here, they have a whole lot of cute pin badges

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