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Chicago Cultural Center
23rd June 2017

The Good List #23

IT. IS. SO. HOT. Here’s some GOOD news to cool you down. Consume responsibly, preferably perched underneath a fan, and with your legs in a bucket full of ice. 
Katie’s GOOD news 
The Museum of Happiness is a non-profit organisation that offers a space for people to learn about the essence of happiness and wellbeing. The organisation started in Spitalfields Market and has since popped up all over London. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the organisation has just announced that it will open permanently in Arlington House in Camden. As the venue is the largest homeless hostel in the UK, the museum will also support vulnerable adults who have recently become homeless. | Read the interview with the museum's founders on Positive News and learn more about the organisation over on their website.

Sabine’s GOOD news 
Last Sunday, as the sun shone on millions of solar panels and gusts of wind turned thousands of wind turbines, something pretty damn remarkable happened. For a brief period, 70 per cent of the electricity being provided to the UK’s homes and businesses was low-carbon. Nuclear, solar and wind crowded out coal and even gas power stations. 
For someone who, 15 years ago, focused their undergraduate degree specialism on Sustainability, and indeed for anyone who would like to breathe in future, this is bloody great news. We're officially leaving the carbon crew behind and adapting to a cleaner, more intelligent and kinder way of living. | Read The Guardian’s article here.
A researcher works in the mirror field of the Juelich solar tower in north-west Germany. Photograph: Alamy.
Jess’ GOOD news 
Last weekend’s Great Get Together provided a ray of sunshine in the national calendar. Communities across the UK came together to celebrate the life of murdered MP Jo Cox and the fact that we have “far #moreincommon than that which divides us.” The celebrations took place over last weekend with a bunch of lovely stories being posted across both Instagram and Twitter. 
Instagrammer @robswaythen summed the event up nicely: “Interfaith Iftar last night was a beautiful thing. Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu and non religious brothers and sisters coming together. Amazing performances from artists of all backgrounds, great food and open conversations. When we confirmed the date, we didn't know it coincided with The Great Get Together but all the more poignant. Rest in power Jo Cox, we do indeed have more in common than that which divides us. This is my community. Unity. Peace by Piece x” | Find it here.

Emily’s GOOD news 
I stumbled across the Protest Banner Lending Library in Chicago's Cultural Centre completely by accident and have been thinking about ever since. The library brings together cultures and skills to create stunning banners protesting against the US’s current political landscape. The posters provide a powerful tool for those who can march and a voice for those who can't. 
“I was devastated by the elections, as many were,” says the library’s founder Aram Sifuentes. “I needed a platform to shout. So immediately after the elections, I started to make protest banners in my apartment. I then started to invite friends over to make banners with me because I needed to feel a sense of community. Then I quickly started to do workshops for the public. Banners are a way for me to resist what is happening in the United States and in the world. It is a way to put my voice out there and not stay silent. I cannot be silent. However, as a non citizen and a new mother, I cannot always go to protests. And in these workshops I realised that there were many people who came because they needed to find a way to participate, resist, and speak up but also couldn’t always go to protests because they too were mothers, non citizens, undocumented- those who would be at great risk if caught up and arrested. My protest banner making workshops has become a place where people come together in solidarity through making. And making is, in and of itself, a form of resistance.”
It is a sad state of affairs that this is required today, but we need to keep marching on forward. Together. | Read more about the project and the artist here. 
Chicago Cultural Center
Dorothy’s GOOD news 
Songwriter Carla Marie Williams (she wrote Freedom on Beyonce's recent Lemonade album) has set up amazing organisation called Girls I Rate. The non-profit organisation aims to empower and celebrate young women and help them find success in the male-dominated creative industries. By encouraging change and creating opportunities with internships and placements, the organisation hopes to inspire and empower more women to pursue creative careers. | Listen to Carla being interviewed on last week’s Women's Hour here, and find out more about the project here. 
Jodi’s GOOD news: 
My GOOD news this week comes via one of my favourite artists, Patrick Moses. I first saw Patrick's work at an ActionSpace open studios event. ActionSpace supports the development of artists with learning disabilities and creates innovative projects to help them engage with the visual arts. I've been lucky enough to snap up two of Patrick's works which hang proudly inside my flat. Patrick’s work is based on his love of words and sound. I love how colourful and energetic his work is. | You can find out more about Patrick's work, upcoming exhibitions and ActionSpace via the organisation’s website

Patrick Moses artwork
Patrick Moses' work in Jodi's living room
Anya’s GOOD news: 
Free Cakes for Kids is exactly the sort of initiative that everyone should know about.  A completely free and confidential service, Free Cakes for Kids does exactly what it says on the tin: provides families who are struggling financially with homemade birthday cakes. Volunteers simply make a cake which is then passed onto the family in time for their child’s birthday. The organisation was founded in 2008 and has since popped up in over 60 locations across the UK. The initiative has no central office, nor an approval process. Instead, the initiative is run by amateur bakers happily crafting cakes in their kitchens. Last year the Hackney branch alone baked a whopping 543 cakes. That’s 543 children who would have otherwise gone without. It’s a refreshingly simple idea that makes a huge difference to families across the UK. | You can find out more about Free Cakes For Kids Hackney here and follow its Instagram here. To find your local organisation visit the central website here

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