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Glasgow's Govanhill Baths features in Jess' GOOD news this week.
29th June 2017

The Good List #24

From community-run gems in Glasgow, adventures across the UK by way of steam train, and a little known farm in Pilton, this week’s GOOD list comes from all corners of the UK.
Jodi’s GOOD news 

This week I'm really looking forward to the launch of Block Party – A Celebration, hosted at Diddy's in Hackney. The inaugural exhibition, curated by Jayden Ali and featuring the work of Jaime Ackroyd and Lizzie King, features a collection of photographs that document a community block party in Hackney on a hot summer’s day in 2016. The party is a beautiful example of all that Hackney can be with a complete cross section of people, young and old, united in revelry. Small and large prints will be available to order with funds contributing to another block party in 2017. The exhibition runs from 30 June until 30 July at Diddy's on 69 Mare Street. | Check out @diddysbar on Instagram for more details.
Photography by Jaime Ackroyd. Block Party | A Celebration.
Emily’s GOOD news 

This week, Tough Love: Boys, Books and Romance, a show presented by author Steven Camden on Radio Four, made me question something that I had never previously considered: why are there so few love stories for boys? Boys must also love love, but with so few literary stories for boys, is it love, or reading that they are uninterested in? Reading encourages imagination, sparks curiosity, allows reflection and opens the universe to a world of possibilities. Reading offers a window and a potential understanding of society and how other people live, which can hopefully create a future society of tolerance. If so few boys are reading and learning about love, what kind of men will they grow into?

Steven Camden writes young adult fiction books about love, from a male perspective. Although love has featured at the centre of all the fiction he’s written over the past 20 years, he has only just realised that being a man who writes love stories for boys is somewhat out of the ordinary. Tough Love: Boys, Books and Romance sees Steven explore why it’s such a big deal. The programme is exceptionally thought-provoking and compelling: Steven is an expert storyteller and he really knows how to take the listener on a journey. | Listen to the radio programme here.
Cover art for 'Tape', one of Steven Camden's novels for young adults.
Katie’s GOOD news

This week I was lucky enough to preview the Hella Jongerius Breathing Colour exhibition at London’s Design Museum before it opened to the public, with a brief introduction from the designer herself. The installation-based exhibition sees the Dutch designer explore how light conditions can affect how we perceive colour. The exhibition urges the viewer to find more complex colour gradients and embrace its imperfections. | Find out more about the exhibition, open until 24 September, here.
Breathing Colour by Hella Jongerius, photo by Luke Hayes.
Amy’s GOOD news 

I recently happened upon a Storyville documentary on a subject close to my heart - the maltreatment of animals and their rights as non-human persons. Unlocking the Cage details the work of lawyer Steven Wise as he goes about trying to legally emancipate four chimpanzees in New York state, using precedents of law normally used to free humans from unlawful imprisonment. The documentary is from 2016 and the case has just been rejected by the appeals court this month, but Wise believes that even by bringing the cases to trial they have helped progress his cause.

“For 2,000 years, all non-human animals have been legal things who lack the capacity for any legal rights,” says Wise, speaking to the Washington Post. “This is not going to change without a struggle. Public opinion has begun to tilt in our favour since we started filing these lawsuits, likely as a result of them.” | You can find details of the film here.
Unlocking the Cage examines the full potential of legal personhood.
Dorothy’s GOOD news

I have been forever wanting to go on a steam train and having felt a bit fed up and saddened with the barrage of bad news hitting London over the past month, my instinct to escape to the countryside was captured within a Guardian article summarising the best narrow-gauge railway journeys in Britain. Having spent some time in the fields of Cheshire some weeks ago, it reminded me of how much beauty we have in the UK and how I want to see more of it. A recently started tick list is my way of doing it. | Discover the best railway journeys in Britain here.
The South Tynedale line, one of Britain's finest scenic railway routes according to The Guardian.
Jess’s GOOD news 

I was in Glasgow at the weekend for Test Unit, a five day summer school and symposium that “aims to turn talk into action by prototyping ideas in public space.” It was excellent and there will be a more lengthy write-up post published on Zetteler’s website later in the week. Being in Glasgow for the first time was also ace: it gets dark late and people are very friendly.

There’s an endless list of noteworthy projects that I learnt about during the event but there was two in particular that caught my attention, Project X and Govanhill Baths

A Project X leaflet on a kitchen table made me wish I was 10 years old. “Project X platforms broaden perceptions and representation of contemporary and traditional dance forms within the African Diaspora in Scotland.” Mele, the project founder, explained the meaning of diaspora to me, and at the same time, described some of the common prejudices she’s faced in sharing the project with the dance community in Scotland. These guys are ones to watch.

Govanhill Baths is right next to my friend’s house. He described the Baths as a building that “the people protected” and somewhere where you can drop off and collect your own compost. The community hub provides free health and wellbeing workshops for the local community and is the result of  14 years of campaigning. Five years ago the smallest of the pools reopened, but the building has taken on a new life as a community venue. In writing my GOOD news, I’ve also realised that Govanhill Baths is the location of my favourite Nowness film: Maze by Madeline Squire and Javier Andreu. I’ve watched this short on repeat for the last year, it’s BEAUT.
A still from Eve McConnachie's 'Maze', shot at Govanhill Baths.
Anya’s GOOD News 

Last weekend, more than 200,000 people gathered in a field to have a party. I didn’t have the pleasure of attending Glastonbury this year but simply knowing it was on and soaking up the constant television and radio coverage, as well as the the weird and wonderful tales (the security guard that forgot he was a security guard for 5 seconds to dance with Katy Perry and this hilarious twitter exchange) to emerge from the festival, filled me with cheer and goodness. The UK somehow feels nicer at the thought of more than 200,000 people spending five days in a field with the sole purpose of having a good time.
Barry Gibb shrugs it off on stage at Glastonbury.
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