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Katie's GOOD News this week features a veteran supporter of New York Pride.
8th July 2017

The Good List #25

Coming in strong this week with a luminous gift from Anthony Burrill; the transformational role the Tate Modern has played in the British art world and the sweet, sweet taste of freedom for creatures both large and small, it’s The GOOD List.
Team GOOD News

This week the whole Zetteler team shared some Good News, having each been gifted one of Anthony Burrill's euphoric 'GIVE THE JOY BACK' prints. We worked with Anthony throughout the Design Undefined exhibition for Clerkenwell Design Week this year and can confirm it was an absolute JOY! Thank you Anthony, we promise to give it back whenever we can.
Most of the team enjoying their Anthony Burrill prints.
Jodi's GOOD News

Last week I went to It's Nice That's monthly talks event, Nicer Tuesdays. The event was a total highlight, with a line up consisting of director of photography for Riposte, Gem Fletcher; film director, Noah Harris; graphic designer, Sonya Dyakova and digital designer Weirdcore

My particular favourite speaker was Weirdcore, who creates mind-altering visuals for the likes of MIA, Radiohead, Tame Impala and Aphex Twin. We were taken on a journey through their career to date with an incredible portfolio of live footage from various Aphex Twin shows around the world. | Check out their recent interview on INT.
Weirdcore made the astounding visuals for Aphex Twin's recent Field Day appearance.
Anya’s GOOD news

My Good News comes in the form of a lovely farmer from Ashbourne, Derbyshire called Jay Wilde, who inherited the family farm when his father died in 2011. Although a vegetarian for the past 25 years, Jay spent six years rearing cattle for beef. This year, however, the farmer decided to give his herd of cows to an animal sanctuary (they’d be worth over £40,000 if he sold them). “Until today I was an organic beef farmer who happened to be vegetarian,” he says, in a video made for the BBC. “Obviously there has been a very strong conflict of interest between not eating meat and producing cattle for meat... You felt as if you were betraying them [the cows].” Jay will now run an organic vegan farm that will grow vegetables without using animal products or fertilisers.

An incredible example of somebody following their heart and going against the norm to do what feels right! | Watch the video here.
Anya was pleased to see a farmer following his heart.
Emily's GOOD news

To me, London has always been, and (hopefully) always will be, a top cultural capital of the world. This week I was given an insight into how one London institution has made a huge international impact in ‘How Nicholas Serota’s Tate changed Britain’, an article in both text and podcast form from the Guardian.
Sir Nicholas Serota, previous director of Tate Modern and now Chairman of Arts Council England, is - on occasion - controversial. However, the podcast is an excellent look at London & the UK pre and post-Tate Modern and a fascinating listen on how the museum and the country has drastically changed its understanding of art over the last 30 years - thanks, in no small part, to Serota himself. | Read the article here or listen here.
Nicholas Serota has been heavily involved in the changing face of the British art world.
Dorothy's GOOD News

I like to keep my eye out for Good News all week and my list got particularly full this week, which was nice. The highlights were an excellent evening at Art Night, exploring parts of East London I'd never visited (St Katherines Docks is weird- who knew?!); campaigners for women’s rights celebrating as the NHS finally allowed free abortions for Northern Irish citizens in England and Sadiq Khan announcing his culture prize in London... but the winner has to be finding out that otters have been reintroduced to Cornwall! 

A crowdfunder to raise money for the project smashed the original target of £15,000 and now the first beavers have been introduced to the Cornish countryside since they were hunted to extinction 400 years ago. They will be looked after and monitored by Cornwall Wildlife Trust, which is good news for both them and us, as beavers help clean water and reduce the risk of flooding by building dams. | You can read more here.
An otter enjoying their new home in Cornwall.
Jess' GOOD News

‘To err is human.’ I got a face full of June’s issue of the Economist over the weekend and my good news is in the form of one of its articles on the subject of getting things wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, individuals and huge scale organisations - it’s painful but it’s also inevitable. ‘The trick then is to err well: to recognise mistakes and learn from them.’ the author explains.

The article covers a couple of reassuringly enormous f*** ups that have gone to print in the Economist over the last 174 years of its publishing history. It also discusses a framework for thinking about problems, developed by academics Roland Bénabou and Jean Tirole. They suggest that beliefs are like other economic goods, that people invest in and derive value from, making it it hard to shift our world-view and avoid making mistakes. | It’s really good, read it here.
The artwork that illustrated one of Jess' favourite articles from the past week.
Katie's GOOD News

This week I really enjoyed learning about the life of Frances Goldin, a 93-year-old mother who has attended New York’s pride parade every year since the early 70’s. She has taken the same sign along each time, made for her by a sign-painter friend the first time she marched. It reads “I Adore my Lesbian Daughters”. Her friend composed the text himself, but a few years later Goldin added her own words, in response to a rise in violence against gay and lesbian people - “KEEP THEM SAFE”. This year Goldin will lead the parade for the first time, riding out front on a float with her daughters. | Find the full CNN article here.
Frances Goldin has been supporting New York Gay Pride since the early '70's.
Amy's GOOD News

A good friend of mine was the source of my Good News this week. 'Gardening Angell' is a project from a group of South Londoners, hoping to renovate the abandoned outdoor space behind South Central Youth Club, commonly known as 'The Boiler House'. The group hope to highlight the communal space's value to the community and prevent it being knocked down by the council.

They've created this as a 'bottom-up' project, taking their lead from how the local kids feel they need the space to function and not talking down to them with their own ideas. The kids are really interested in the space playing host to a variety of workshops, from slime-making to mural painting, but first the team are clearing the space and restoring the garden. To do that they need help, primarily with gardening tools, whether donated or on loan, but also with art materials once they've got the place up and running. If anyone has anything to offer get in touch with amy@zetteler.co.uk and I can connect you with the project leaders.
'Gardening Angell' looks to renovate a disused Brixton community centre.
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