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Kashiwa Park in Chiba by Kito Fujio
22nd July 2017

The Good List #27

The past week has been particularly cheery. Frank Ocean and Solange serenaded Dorothy, Amy found pure joy in photographs of Japanese playground equipment and Sabine indulged in several hours of Risposte reading. 

Amy’s GOOD news 

This week, my GOOD news is super simple. I came across an article about photographer Kito Fujio who photographs Japanese playground equipment at night and fell in love with the pictures. The grasshopper climbing frame! The giant frog slide! The giant-armed robot! Pure joy! You can buy Fujio's series of books directly from his website and, as a bonus prize, check out his gorgeous book of photographs taken inside Japanese public baths

Read Spoon & Tamago’s article about Fujio and his work here.
Tsukushinokaigarajido Park in Machida, Tokyo by by Kito Fujio
Emily’s GOOD news

The Trump administration is, quite rightly, receiving a bashing at the moment, with very little good news coming out of the White House. This week, I wanted to highlight a rare bit of good news that has come to surface: a group of Afghan girls have now been provided with visas to enter the US for a robotics competition, after being rejected twice. 

There are still many issues with this news, such as the reason they were rejected in the first place, but it shows that public pressure on the White House can work. And who knows, celebrating the good things that come out of the administration may just lead to more. 

Read more about the story here.
Image via Good News Network
Sabine’s GOOD news

My good news this week is Riposte Magazine. It's not time specific, it's not “just out”, it's just bloody great. The magazine is forever interesting, forever beautiful (nice one Shaz Madani) and I treasure my back issues. Last Saturday I spent several blissful hours reading through my collection. I am involved with something rather fun with Danielle this week, and knew the issues would bring out loads of questions and insights that will be super useful. Danielle and I had the most hysterical press dinner together at NOW Gallery last week to celebrate the launch of Camille Walala's new show there – WALALA X PLAY – so I'm just generally feeling lots of major good vibes in Riposte's direction. I'm so bloody glad that it exists.

Riposte magazine
Dorothy’s GOOD news

My GOOD news this week was a magical evening in Victoria Park where I saw two of my faves: Solange and Frank Ocean. I listened to both of their recent albums over and over again last year, so to see them live, in my local park, and on a warm evening with my pals was pretty special. I was worried that I'd be disappointed but that most certainly wasn’t the case. I have been reliving it in my head ever since.
Solange Knowles Credit: Getty
Jodi’s GOOD news

London-based social enterprise Munchines is located at the back of E5 Bakehouse (Sabine and Jess’s favourite morning meeting spot) and teaches refugees, former refugees, and asylum seekers cooking techniques, as well as the practical skills needed to run a food business. It’s a wonderful initiative and hugely worthy of attention. 

Read more on Munchines here.
Freshly baked flatbread, image via Munchies
Jess’s GOOD News

Last weekend, my little cousin (who is training to become a midwife) told me about Neighbourhood Midwives. The core philosophy of the centre is to provide pregnant women a continuity of care throughout their pregnancy – the same two midwives will do all the antenatal checks and will be on call for the birth. Last year, the centre was awarded funding by the NHS to offer women in Waltham Forest the opportunity  to take part in the midwifery continuity of care pilot. The goal of the initiative is to provide more options for low-risk women to have natural deliveries outside of birth centres. 

Research will be published retrospectively looking at the outcomes of the scheme but so far, since the launch in November 2016, out of 51 babies, 29 have been born at home. Additionally, women on the scheme have achieved a 100 per cent breastfeeding success rate and 96 per cent of women have had a known midwife at the birth of their child (compared to less than 10 per cent of births on the NHS). They also offer six week post-natal care compared to the 10 days which is provided by the NHS. It’s not been proven (yet) but having consistency from a few select midwives, seems to show improved security, attachment and bonding and improves breastfeeding. 

Neighbourhood Midwives is an employee-owned, social enterprise and a not-for-profit TEAL organisation. This is especially interesting as it basically an NHS contract going to non-NHS provider but it's not contributing to the privatisation. 

I think this is really good news for women and the future development of our children. Neighborhood Midwives is having a picnic to celebrate their 50th baby at Leyton Jubiliee Park 28 July at 2pm – all welcome!

Read more about the initiative here
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