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Laura's GOOD news, Trajal Harrell's performing exhibition Hoochie Koochie. Image via Barbican.
29th July 2017

The Good List #28

Some high-fives for the environment, a double helping of dance and not one, not two, but three creative projects that brought people together… hang on to your hats, it’s this week’s GOOD list.
Jess’s GOOD news

DAMN° newsletters bring joy to my inbox. This week an article about 200Grs, a design studio setup by Rana Haddad and Pascal Sachem in Beirut in September 2013, caught my attention. They make ‘spectacularly simple design pieces’ that mostly require some kind of gesture to connect the user to relate to the object - like a pencil box that requires a string or a seesaw that straddles a fence that was installed to maintain social segregation during the civil war. They think of their work as a performance and use the engagement with their products to try to ‘save their city’ from divisions that are enforced through realtors trying to monopolise the land. | Subscribe to the DAMN° newsletters here.
Pascal Hachem and Rana Haddad in the studio with one of the mirrors, explaining their latest product, 2017 / Beirut
Dorothy’s GOOD news

This weekend I went to Secret Garden Party, and the brilliant illustrator Polly Nor (who is also a friend) created an equally brilliant installation called the Green Room. A secret door took you through into a room that led you into the centre of one of her distinctive drawings. It was her first three-dimensional, immersive work and was completely weird and wonderful. She also has an upcoming exhibition at Protein later this summer, which I'm really excited about. Keep an eye out! | Join 710,000 others and follow Polly Nor on Instagram.
The Green Room by Polly Nor at Secret Garden Party 2017. Image via Polly Nor.
Jodi’s GOOD news

This week, I enjoyed reading about LUSH's ongoing commitment to supporting conservation efforts and being an environmentally conscious brand. In its latest mission to reduce waste, LUSH is turning plastic pollution from the ocean into its packaging. The company just partnered with Ocean Legacy Foundation to collect 27 tonnes of plastic from the ocean and shorelines of Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada. | Find out more here on the Ocean Legacy Foundation's website.
LUSH and Ocean Legacy Foundation teams in action during their clean-up efforts. Image via Ocean Legacy Foundation.
Sabine’s GOOD news

My good news posts definitely have a running theme, they’re either absolute random (some might say rubbish), or something that feels exciting and progressive from a social or environmental perspective. I said it a few weeks ago but I specialised in sustainability in the travel industry for my undergraduate degree and a conversation about trains emitting only water would have been laughed out of the auditorium 15 years ago.

So, I was pretty excited to read a feature in the Independent online (from way back in November 2016 as it happens) about Germany releasing fully operating passenger trains - currently in testing, but open for public testing later this year - that release only steam into the atmosphere. This is a huge leap for mankind. This is what design can do. Anything that works against the grain of the ever-imposing fossil fuel industry and proves that with genuine ingenuity, we can make actual magic happen. Yes, world. I'm not fussed that the article is a few months old, this is major and we're even closer to public testing now (December 2017).

From the article "The iLint is powered by huge lithium ion batteries, and these get their energy from a hydrogen fuel tank on the roof of the train. The hydrail can travel almost 500 miles per day at speeds of up to 87mph, and the only sound it gives off comes from the wheels and air resistance."
The world's first 'hydrail' can travel almost 500 miles per day at speeds of up to 87mph.
Amy’s GOOD news

My friend Danny and his young protégé Jasper have made a film called The Shagnos and it’s brilliant. Danny has been Jasper's tutor for a while now and aside from imparting his filmic knowledge he also encouraged him to make a comic a while back, which is absolutely hilarious. The best line in it is one of Jasper's and comes from a soldier, dying in the arms of his comrade he breathes out his last words, "Tell my wife I love her... sister...". Comic genius. You can pick up the comic from War Gallery in Lee and stay tuned for future screenings of the film. | Watch the film and if you think it's brilliant too, then share with your friends and colleagues.
The Shagnos trailer
Emily’s GOOD news

On Tuesday I attended the Riposte Presents... Social Media: The Good, The Bad & The Future event. A discussion led by an incredible panel all about, as it says on the can, the good, bad & future of social media. 

The talk discussed the positives that come from a life lived online and the connections it enables, what the pitfalls of a life online are and, how can we navigate our way through them. The most exciting element was the discussion on what tech developments will mean for the future. Being born in the 90s, I am one of the last generations that will remember life pre- and post-internet so I am very much looking forward to seeing the future lived through the internet and what that could mean. I am proud that a large section of my job role literally didn’t exist 10 years ago and now social media is something that is completely engrained in our way of life, whether we love or loathe it. 

With the panel including Clemmie Telford, Charlotte Philby, Ellen Atlanta, Heleana Quartey and of course, Danielle Pender, I left with big dreams and ideas about the future of social media and humankind as a whole. | Speaking of social media - why not look join Zetteler on Twitter & Instagram and let us know what you would add to #theGOODlist.
Ellen Atlanta writer & content creator at WAH Nails demonstrating how social can be a force for good. Photography by Ellen Atlanta.
Katie’s GOOD news

Last week I finally got round to reading Zadie Smith's Swing Time. I'm a huge fan of Smith's work and this was only further cemented, and encouraged, when I listened to her on Adam Buxton's podcast. Reading new work of one of your favourites can be risky but I was so pleased to see that Swing Time didn't disappoint. Smith explores the relationship between two girls growing up in neighbouring housing estates in London who meet at dance school and despite their opposite personalities embark upon a friendship. The novel touches on gender, identity and sexual awareness, and asks if leaving your roots is really the ultimate goal. | Read the Guardian's review here. P.s. don't forget to support your local bookstore.

Zadie Smith. Photograph: Astrid Stawiarz/WireImage
Laura’s GOOD news 

I stepped – or perhaps shimmied – out of my comfort zone this week, hoping to address my contemporary dance knowledge black hole by visiting Trajal Harrell’s newly opened show at the Barbican Art Gallery

Known for fusing voguing culture with Japanese Butoh dance, New York-based choreographer Trajal uses performance to explore big historical and cultural ideas, like gender, race, sexuality and how complex narratives can be told by the body. The exhibition features 14 of his works, from a queer reclaiming of a travelling Hoochie Koochie dance show to a vogue catwalk perfectly distilled to its most minimalist elements (including the fiercest eyebrow raise I’ve ever seen). The 18 dancers involved in the show (including Trajal himself) roam around the gallery space performing pretty much the entirety of Trajal’s body of work from 1999, often simultaneously so it feels like quite the happening. It’s intimate (Trajal sat on my lap!), deeply moving, life-affirming and totally accessible, even for a dance noob like myself. Awesome to see diverse voices getting the platform they deserve and yet another triumph for Barbican curator Leila Hasham – one of the most inspiring women around. | Shimmy your way to the Barbican website to book tickets.
Caen Amour, Trajal Harrell Hoochie Koochie, A performance exhibition Barbican Art Gallery, London 20 July – 13 August 2017. Image via Tristan Fewings, Getty Images.
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