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Clemence, 2012, TERRAIN. Photography by Jackie Nickerson.
12th August 2017

The GOOD List #30

Last weekend the world went rainbow for Brighton Pride. With glitter still in our hair and rainbows on our minds, this week’s GOOD List comes heavily saturated! 
Sabine's GOOD news

This week, I was delighted to find a film by BBC News about a gang of young street artists from Berlin. The artists traverse Berlin and transform offensive and depressing Neo-Nazi swastika graffiti into playful characters and images. Finding the graffiti damaging for their community, the group wanted to find a way to remove them. What they've done is transform something wholly intimidating and scary into something laughable and inventive. The results are fantastically inspiring for locals who are still dealing with the deep rooted scars of the Nazi movement. Efforts such as this will never completely remove the damage caused by the movement, but they do empower the positive members of the community to bring light to something otherwise gloomy and dark. | Watch the film here.

Sabine's GOOD news
Jodi’s GOOD news

My GOOD news this week comes via an exhibition by Blondey McCoy. Entitled Chem and Us, the exhibition features 13 unique works constructed our of mirror and original collage and includes a collaboration with Damien Hirst. The exhibition is on show at the Heni Gallery in Soho until the 27 October. | Please find more details here and make sure you pop along and say hello!
Us and Chem. Jodi's GOOD news.
Katie's GOOD news

Last week I took the time to sit down and enjoy the latest copy of The Plant magazine and came across the work of visual artist and photographer Jackie Nickerson. I immediately felt drawn to Jackie's aesthetic so headed over to her website and started browsing her Terrain series. This collection of work explores farm labour in southern and east Africa and illustrates the materiality of labour. Terrain offers a new visual language for communicating labour and moves away from focusing on the facts and figures of agriculture and looks more at the material circumstances that affects labourers and identifies common habits that typify working life on the photographed farms. | Find the full Terrain series here.
Catherine, 2012, TERRAIN. Photography by visual artist and photographer Jackie Nickerson.
Jess’s GOOD news

My friend Samson has been going to, or returning from, one refugee camp or another for the past couple of years. One of the biggest problems the camps face is a lack of connectivity. It’s hard to build a stable network in most of London’s event spaces let alone build one in a completely unstable landscape without a consistent power source.

With two other clever humans, and supported by the Worldwide Tribe, Samson has built Jāṅgala. Jāṅgala creates “products and services that provide connectivity in humanitarian situations.” So far, they’ve designed three products to provide “reliable easy-to-deploy wifi” for affected populations, professionals and volunteers alike: a Big Box that provides high capacity wifi for 50 to 1000+ users, a Small Box that provides wifi for smaller groups, and a Water Box for volunteer lifeboats. Jāṅgala’s website went live this week. | Check it out.
Calais Jungle. Photograph by Jangala.
Anya’s GOOD news

Last week I made an overdue visit to South London Gallery. Wandering out to the gallery’s garden, I happened upon Art Block celebrating its opening with huge amounts of rainbow cake and other sweet treats. Art Block is a brand new permanent space located in the middle of Camberwell estate Sceaux Gardens (if you’re lucky, the gallery opens the gates at the back of its garden allowing you to walk through the little green to the space) that invites local children and families to play and be creative. Through making, the initiative seeks to encourage and grow a sense of local community and once more, it’s totally free. 

The space itself is beautiful. Each year two creatives are commissioned to put their stamp on the interior. First up is designer Morag Myerscough, best known for her work at London’s Design Museum and the British Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2004, who has turned the space into a hive of colour and zany patterns. Art Block is part of a wider initiative run by South London Gallery that commissions public art on three housing estates in Peckham: Elmington, Pelican and Sceaux Gardens.
Needless to say, I was totally blown away by the project. If you know any children local to Peckham, send them over to Art Block! | Read more about the project here.
Art Block Opening, South London Gallery.
Amy’s GOOD news

My friend Nancy introduced me to Marie Kondo this week. It seems like I was late to the party on this one but I’ve pretty much fallen in love with the tidying genius, mostly because I get to talk to my socks. Her whole ethos of basically having a tidy life for a tidy mind appeals to me right now, and a tidy person I have never been. Nancy, a textile artist and blogger, has been telling me a little about minimalist principles and how she has adopted them without considering herself an actual minimalist (in its most extreme form) herself. Nancy speaks openly about anxiety and mental health in general, which gives her blog, although beautiful, more sustenance than some other “aspirational” blogger types. Having an acute sense of my surroundings and how they affect mental health of late, I’m finding her wisdom on the subject really enlightening. | Check out Nancy’s blog and Instagram, and pick up some weird and wonderful tidying tips from Marie Kondo.
Nancy Straughan at work
Emily’s GOOD News

On Saturday night I helped out at the Tropical Summer Supper Club which is hosted at E5 Bakehouse in the arches near London Fields. The evening is put on in aid of Hackney Migrant Centre and is run by some amazing humans. Hackney Migrant Centre offers free advice for asylum seekers, refugees and recent migrants. Despite a large number of refugee community organisations in the local area, until Hackney Migrant Centre was founded in 2008, there was no single service offering professional advice and support to migrants.

I spent the evening serving food and wine, meeting some truly inspiring people, and singing happy birthday at the top of my voice to a room full of strangers. Raising over £1,000 while having a bloody stonking evening is brilliant. Events like the Tropical Summer Supper Club are really important for the centre: all profits from the evening go directly into its hardship fund for destitute migrants.

Word on the street is that there will be another one in November (I will keep you updated so you can also come along and be merry… and, if you’re unlucky, I will sing you a tune). | Find out about Hackney Migrant Centre here
Emily's GOOD news. Photography by Hackney Migrant Centre.
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