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Photographer Robin Broadbent is Dorothy's GOOD News this week
26th August 2017

The GOOD List #32

This week’s GOOD List is weighty, to say the least. From charities working with homeless people, campaigns to re-legalise certain psychedelic substances, and removing gender difference in schools, this week’s GOOD List makes necessary reading.

Jess’s GOOD news

I had a big thinking weekend. On Saturday, I went to In Formation, a two-month long programme of public events put on to explore the ICA's role as a civic institution; I then watched a BBC Panorama documentary on Grenfell Tower; then Born Too White, a BBC doc on albinism in Africa (max. credit to the amazing team at Standing Voice for everything they do). I topped it all off by watching Noam Chomsky’s Requiem for the American Dream. On Sunday I woke up angry, but I cycled through sunny Hackney to Restoration Station and had a lovely morning, making friends and learning more about the Shoreditch Crypt Trust from Stephen Armstrong, the charities fundraising manager.

But onto my GOOD news. The Disruptive Innovation Festival is “An online, open access event that asks the question: what if we could redesign everything?” The festival is organised by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation and is made up of 250 hours of webinars, presentations, activities, documentaries and physical meet-ups. The festival aims to bring together the world’s leading thinkers, innovators and pioneers from the foundation’s network of business, academia and government to explore the idea of a circular economy. Once more, American designer and  technologist John Maeda is on the line-up. WIN. | Find out more here

A circular economy is an alternative economic approach to the ‘take, make, dispose’ model that we currently have.
Dorothy's GOOD News

I loved the new issue of Eye. The cover is beautiful (and different for every issue- wuuutt) and there is an amazing interview with Nadine Chahine from Monotype. I also absolutely loved the feature 'Obessesive Meditations' which was a piece about still life photographer Robin Broadbent who uses light/shadow and close crops to abstract the subject. The painstaking attention to detail to me was incredible and the images are weirdly calming. | Discover Robin Broadbent for yourself

Dorothy's GOOD News

Jodi's GOOD news

My GOOD news is the announcement that Tate Modern is preparing to host to a ceramics factory in September. Visitors to the installation will be invited to knuckle down and do some work as if it were a real ceramics factory. They can mould or cast jugs or, if they prefer, mop the floor. Artist Clare Twomey is responsible for creating the factory which will work with eight tonnes of processed clay creating over 2,000 fired clay objects. The factory will have a 30-metre production line, 20 trained workers that will volunteer their time for free, and a wall of drying racks. The installation will launch the second programme of Tate Exchange and will take up the entire fifth floor of Tate’s Blavatnik building. | Read more about the installation here and read more about Tate Exchange here.

Jodi's GOOD news

Anya’s GOOD news

Anyone who remotely cares about the future, and basic gender equality, should watch No More Boys and Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free. The two-part BBC documentary questions whether the way we treat boys and girls in childhood is a root cause of our gender unequal society. In doing so Dr Javid Abdelmoneim goes into a class of seven-year-olds and removes all differences in the way boys and girls are treated to see if, after a term of gender-neutral treatment, he can even out the gaps in their achievement and attitudes towards themselves and each other.

The documentary is startling in highlighting how deeply ingrained gender stereotypes are. Seven year old pupils repeatedly state that men are stronger and earn more money than lipstick-wearing and image-obsessed women. The most eye-opening thing, however, was the plethora of well-intentioned professionals who, without realising, were reinforcing a difference between gender (note the incredibly sweet and well-meaning teacher who calls the girls “love” and the boys “mate”). It really makes you think. | Watch the programme here.

Anya's GOOD News

Sabine’s GOOD news

The President's Committee on Arts and Humanities (PCAH) unanimously resigned last Friday in response to Donald Trump's horrific lack of condemnation for the Charlottesville civil breakdown (read: terrifyingly racist and anti-Semitic march). By attempting to suggest that a massive racist gang with flames and flags and automatic weapons yelling intimidating and dangerous vitriol were equally responsible as those who opposed them for the violence and death that ensued, Trump pushed the PCAH to the edge (not to mention every other level-minded human being on earth). Not only is the letter incredibly articulate, as you'd expect, each paragraph starts with a letter that in total spells out the word RESIST. That's beautiful. Power to them.

Sabine's GOOD News

Katie's GOOD news

Last week I was researching ways that I could volunteer my time and help rough sleepers in my local area. I've been volunteering at Hackney Winter Night Shelter for the past two years and have been amazed by the work they do and the dedication and care that they have for all of their volunteers. However, it does make you realise that there is so much more that can be done. The shelter is always at maximum capacity and I've become even more aware of the rough sleepers that aren't receiving help and support.

After doing some research I discovered Socks and Chocs. The charity was started by former armed serviceman Ian Northcott as a result of wanting to do more to help the homeless in Birmingham. It is now a national charity that has sock drop-off points all over the UK. The charity supplies local homeless centres with clean socks, sleeping bags and chocolates to offer a little comfort to those sleeping rough. Ian took the time on Saturday to call me and talk through the charity's work and discuss how I could get involved and offer general advice and support. | Take a look at how you can get involved here.

Katie's GOOD News

Amy’s GOOD news

I recently joined The Psychedelic Society, an organisation advocating the careful use of psychedelics as “endosyndelics”: a tool for unity, love, compassion and joy. Alongside its ongoing campaign for the re-legalisation of certain psychedelic substances, the society puts on a variety of events and runs safe, legal weekend experiences introducing people to the widely misunderstood drugs that have been banned on the basis of bad science and tabloid hysteria. The interconnectedness and sense of perpetuity psychedelics can offer has been unfairly withheld from the majority of the public, which to anyone with proper experience of them is absurd, especially considering their massive potential in the treatment of mental health or for those coming to terms with terminal illness. Withholding the potential of psychedelics, and frightening people away from them, is the true crime. | Learn more here.

Amy's GOOD News
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