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9th September 2017

The GOOD List #34

- By Anya

How is it already September? Before you start mourning the end of summer (join the club), a Google search tells me that the UK is not in autumn territory until 22 September. That’s at least two weeks of impromptu picnics, Aperol Spritzs, and never-ending games of rounders. On that note, more GOOD news coming your way…

Jodi’s GOOD news

This week my GOOD news comes via the online magazine 52 Insights. In its own words: “52 Insights was founded by Ari Stein in 2015 and born out of a desire to inform people of the significant and profound changes going on in the world through the medium of insightful discussion. We will introduce you to the many authors, creators, researchers, leaders and various other innovators out there who are changing the way we see the world.” The website publishes a simple and concise interview with one unique and engaging individual or collective each week, hence the name 52 Insights. Recent interviewees include Hans Ulrich Obrist, Simone Rocha and Zetteler legend Seetal Solanki. After catching up with Seetal last week, she sent me a link to the site. Thanks for the heads up Seetal! | Read Seetal's full interview here. It's brilliant.

Katie's GOOD news

Recently I signed a petition to help a Zimbabwe-born student keep his place at Oxford University. Brian White was brought up in an orphanage in Zimbabwe until he was adopted at the age of six by a couple, one of who was a British citizen. The couple lived in Botswana until Brian was 15 when they returned to the UK. Brian smashed his A Levels and got four A*. However, his place at Oxford University was in jeopardy after his permission to remain in the UK had expired. I found this petition on Change.org and quickly signed it, I was pleased to find out this Monday that Brian has won his battle to remain in the UK and will be heading to Oxford University this September. 

It's hard to see how signing up to these online petitions ever have any effect so I'm super excited to have heard that this time it was fantastic success. | Find out more over on the Evening Standard and see more of Change.org's petitions here.
Dorothy’s GOOD news

This week, I flicked on the TV to the BBC’s Mountain: Life at the Extreme. I was bowled over by stunning scenery and incredible animals that live at the base of the Himalayas. I particularly liked a type of snake that lives at the highest altitude of any snake in the world because it lives in thermal pools – that's where you'd find me (maybe in an area cordoned off from the snakes though). I also enjoyed the jumping spider – it has eight eyes, 360 degree vision and survives entirely on insects that are blown up the mountain as nothing else can survive so high up. Learning about people and animals who live in such extreme conditions from a sofa in London always makes the world feel very large and my life small. If you enjoy a good nature doc then you'll enjoy this. | Watch the episode here. 
Anya’s GOOD news

I have joined a darkroom and it is great. I have two points about this news: 

1. Having a hobby when you work in London is really hard but I now realise how important it is. Doing something creative that is not work-related and doesn’t involve drinking wine with friend in a pub or going out for dinner makes you feel really good. 

2. Taking a single photograph, and taking the time to consider what’s in the frame, is so much better than taking thousands of fleeting snaps on a phone. I know this is obvious but my phone is full of multiple takes of everything I photograph and it is really boring. I doubt I will ever look at the majority of the photographs snapped with my phone ever again, let alone print them out. 

Brighton Pride. Photographed by Anya Lawrence
Emily's GOOD news

On Monday I went to see The Work. This meant that while everyone else was celebrating at The Joy of Living opening (more on that in Sabine’s GOOD news), I was sobbing. Set inside a single room in Folsom Prison (it’s good, I promise), three men from the outside world participate in a four-day group therapy retreat with level-four convicts. Over the four days, each man in the room takes his turn at delving deep into his past to bring up often very raw emotions. A beautiful and inspiring film about how talking, mutual respect and support can move even the most hardened of criminals to tears and even lead some of the prisoners to walk free. | Please, please, please watch this. More info on the film here
The Work
Sabine’s GOOD news

The design industry's main man and our bloody great friend Max Fraser has launched his inspirational Joy of Living exhibition, raising money for cancer charity Maggie's, at 1 Poultry. Zetteler interviewed Max all about it and you MUST have heard about it by now, so I'm not going into the details... but man, walking through the show on Monday night alongside the cream of the crop of British design talent, I was surprised how emotional I felt. All those brilliant hearts and minds, and the array of rainbow works that were created using just three sheets of paper (OK sure, it was Colorplan's finest, but still) offered a wide-open window into the incredible diversity of humankind. It's very special, GO AND SEE IT and then BID people, BID! It's for charity and you'll make Max's day/month/year... so you'll not regret it. | Bid here.

Grand Concourse Creatures; Red. Anonymous designer.

Amy’s GOOD news

My GOOD news is the brilliantly anarchic Summerhall in Edinburgh. I don't know if it's meant to be anarchic or if that's just how I have always discovered it. Throughout its history, the building has been a brewery and a veterinary college, and both of those facets are still very much alive in its current incarnation as an arts centre. Summerhall currently houses its own brewery and its lecture theatres still bear the shape of their time as anatomical classrooms. I got to do a small performance there last year as part of my good friend Ross Mclean's photographic exhibition, Ceiba, which is based on his travels around Mexico. It was then that I fell for the place, especially after my induction into its incredible Artiscience library, run by the eccentric and engaging  bibliomaniac Colin, who taught me about the library's purpose: a place where artistic and scientific literature intersect. | Find more about Summerhall here

An image from Ross Fraser Mclean's Ceiba exhibition at Summerhall last year.

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