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7th October 2017

The GOOD List #35

It’s been a month since we indulged you with our weekly offering of GOOD News and boy isn’t it worth the wait. Absence makes the heart grown fonder, right?

Dorothy’s GOOD News

Adam Buxton’s podcast featuring Louis Theroux is one of the most hilarious things ever. There was no way it couldn't be my GOOD News (thanks for the heads up Katie and Sabine). They are a very funny combo and I strongly recommend have a listen. Here they talk about the silly phrases that people use and do impersonations of people S-Town. Enjoy! | Discover the podcast here.

Louis Theroux and Adam Buxton

Jodi’s GOOD News

My GOOD News comes via our good pal Milly Burroughs. Milly brought Change Please to our attention a little while ago. Change Please makes coffee and describes themselves as “a social enterprise staffed by the homeless, to help the homeless, because really good coffee doesn't just taste good – it does good too.” It has coffee vans on street corners, its own standalone retail units and coffee bars within offices.They're also able to bring little vans to events. It’s own brand of award winning coffee (WHICH TASTES GREAT) recently hit the shelves in Sainsbury's which made the headlines and is great news for the initiative. | You can find more information about the organisation here.

Change Please

Amy’s GOOD News

My positives sprang from negatives this week as I watched the violent attempts by the Spanish government to crush the attempted Catalan referendum on independence. Having lived in Catalunya back in my youth I feel a strong connection to the place and have always been hyper aware of how tender the scars of Francoism still are in the region. That tied in with my feelings about Scottish independence and the support shown from each of the movements to the other had me following the events closely. This article from Paul Mason, where he clearly links the events of last weekend with other recent progressive referenda across Europe, filled me with hope that neither movement will be historical footnotes, but are the continuation of a growing trend of civic assemblies recognising that the status quo is deeply flawed and acting decisively for profound change. VISCA CATALUNYA LLIURE! | Read more here.

Demonstration at the Catalan high court building. Photograph: David Ramos/Getty Images

Emily's GOOD News

On a slightly lighter note, I am super happy that David Baddiel is back on Radio 4 with a new series of David Baddiel Tries to Understand. The programme does what it says on the tin: David Baddiel asks the nation (Twitter) for something they don’t understand and he tries to figure it out over the course of a 15-minute episode. | Learn about fracking, rugby and more about the Kardashians than is ever necessary here.

David Baddiel tries to understand

Sabine’s GOOD News

My GOOD News is a brilliant concert at St Martin in the Fields that I and several of the team went to earlier in the week. I was invited by my friend Pete (an incredible musician and choirmaster) who performed the headline act. He invited us with the following message: "If you’d like to spend an evening in lovely surroundings with most of the best musicians I’ve ever heard making music about the things that matter most, there’s only one place to be. Woven Gold are a group of amazing humans who have survived unimaginable experiences. We’ll be playing the kind of music that leaves your socks in tatters."

The choir performing was called Woven Gold and they're an exceptionally special bunch of people. The St Martin’s website expresses it best: "Woven Gold is a choir made up of refugees fleeing persecution. Their music has a raw energy and power drawn from the diversity of the musical cultures they have come from – Burma, Congo, Guinea, Iran, Kenya, Kurdistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Uganda. Together they have found a unique voice. While there is unspoken acknowledgement of the isolation and sadness of their lives, the music they make is music for its own sake, joyful and expressing a basic belief in humanity."

It was so magical and hugely emotional to see a small group of people, all of whom have been through varying degrees of trauma, sing an evening of songs in a handful of their different languages (one of the Iranian men singing made me cry my eyes out).

That was humanity. I was proud to be among them.

Woven Gold choir in the crypt

Katie's GOOD News

After seeing Paola Antonelli talk at a Riposte event last year the whole Zetteler team became major fan girls and we've been talking about her ever since. Paola is the Senior Curator of the Architecture and Design Department at MoMA and is the force behind MoMA acquiring the @ sign amongst many other accolades. Recently I read an article on It's Nice That' and was reminded of all of Paola's incredible work and her open and curious approach to design and design curation. | Read the article in full here.

Illustration by Mariano Pascual

Jess’s GOOD News

Ah GOOD News! It’s been so long and I’m so happy it’s back!

I’ve been excited about this project since I met Charlie Peel in May. He told me about this map he was making and I don’t think I’ve stopped talking about it since. The National Park City Map is a completely self-initiated, personal project to complement the Mayor of London’s initiative to turn London into the first National Park City. The map highlights all of the green space in London, in an accessible and handy way.

You can read more about the campaign on its website but the core aims are to:

> Ensure 100 per cent of Londoners have free and easy access to high-quality green space
> Connect 100 per cent of London’s children to nature
> Make the majority of London physically green
> Improve London’s air and water quality, year on year
> Improve the richness, connectivity and biodiversity of London’s habitats
> Inspire greener living
> Inspire new cross-sector activities, collaboration and opportunities
> Promote London as a Green World City
> Nurture a shared National Park City identity for Londoners

The maps are more beautiful and more informative than I could’ve ever imagined. I mean, just look at the infographics! And to emphasise: this project has been delivered by one man and his kind, committed enthusiasm

The maps are FREE for anyone and everyone. The first 1,000 have been printed and were launched on Monday. The goal is to print 10,000 more in due course and get them into public locations for people to help themselves to. | Order your free map (P&P is the only charge or you can collect from selected drop off points) here.

A map of the London National Park City
Want more GOOD news? See what we were shouting about in September here.

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