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Sabine and Ester in Mwanza, Tanzania. Sabine's GOOD news is about a recent trip with the human rights charity Standing Voice.
26th November 2017

The GOOD List #40

– words by Amy

These are serious times; we’re told as much by Britannia herself in Jess’ Good News this week, and it seems most of the Zetteler team have focussed on issues particularly pressing to contemporary life for the GOOD List #40, but they all glimmer with light at the end of some very dark tunnels. Be it the hard work of charity, Standing Voice; the inspiring journey of a refugee; the opening of dialogue between those of strongly opposing views; education for the most vulnerable to sexual misconduct or the gift of skills to prisoners who may have little else waiting for them after their incarceration, all of the below reminds us of the good to be found in the darkest hours.

If that all sounds too heavy, our very own chink of light - Dorothy - rounds us up with something lighter in her enthusiasm for a magazine that is a ‘contemporary look at the world outside’. Be inspired, it’s the GOOD List.

Katie's GOOD news:

Walking to work in the mornings is my time to indulge in podcasts and this week I listened to Adam Buxton's conversation with Syrian refugee, Hassan Akkad. Akkad featured in the BAFTA-winning BBC2 documentary, Exodus, where he was shown fleeing Syria to save his life just two years ago. Akkad talks honestly and passionately about the refugee crisis and his torturous journey ending in asylum in the UK. It's hard but essential listening for understanding the ongoing emergency through its individual stories. | Download the podcast here.

Hassan Akkad is Katie's GOOD News. Image by Alex Hudson, KEO Films.

Jess’s GOOD news:

My Country: A Work in Progress... My Dad sent me a link to this on Sunday. It's a group of opinions that were collected by the National Theatre of Great Britain immediately after the Brexit vote came through. Eight actors perform the voices of their region and even just writing about this sends shivers through my body again - it's so good. 'We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.' Jo Cox | Watch My Country: A Work in Progress on BBC iplayer.
Jess's GOOD News

Emily’s GOOD news:

My good news this week is Fine Cell Work which enables prisoners to build fulfilling and crime-free lives by training them to do needlework.

The prisoners practise during the long hours spent in their cells and it offers them hope, discipline and self esteem. The aim is to allow them to complete their sentences with work skills, money earned and saved, and the self-belief to not re-offend. Plus - cross stitch any Elton John lyrics and I am sold! | Learn more here.

Emily's GOOD News

Jodi’s GOOD news:

This week my GOOD news comes via a feature on Broadly on a drama workshop aiming to teach kids about sexual harassment and how to challenge it. The collaboration between Durham University and Rape Crisis South London is filling the space left by patchy sex education in schools. “It’s about giving young people an ethical framework to make decisions about sexual consent in." | Read the full feature here.

Jodi's GOOD News

Dorothy’s GOOD news:

On Monday evening I went to the launch of the latest issue of Rakes Progress and the opening of their pop up on Floral Street in Covent Garden. It was great to see Laboratory Perfumes collaborators, Pyrus and the magazine itself, which is stunning. I love the photoshoot with Adam Goodison and Palais Flower and I'm particularly looking forward to reading the feature with designer Luciana Guibbilei about a Tuscan garden. | Find out more about the latest Rake’s Progress here.
Photography for Rakes Progress by Adam Goodison is Dorothy's GOOD news this week
Sabine's GOOD News:

My GOOD NEWS this week could only be about one thing, the human rights charity Standing Voice. I've just returned from a week in Mwanza with Harry Freeland (the founder of SV) and a group of their Tanzania-based team who were busy managing a Low Vision Clinic and a Skin Cancer Clinic over a two-week period. I've been involved with the charity for a few years on their Board of Trustees, but this was the first time I've been able to leave the UK and visit their projects in action on the ground. We'll share their (much better) updates on our social feeds ane news page very soon - but in short, the work they're doing to support extremely vulnerable people living with albinism in Tanzania is beyond incredible. The four pillars of their work (Health, Education, Advocacy and Community), are the linchpins of all their initiatives they are literally saving lives by connecting communities, reuniting families and spreading some joy are instigating real change. I'm more proud of the team and more proud to be involved with their work than ever before. Watch this space too, as in January we're launching our Arts + Communications Committee for Standing Voice to spread the word and to raise unrestricted funds to continue their essential work. If you're keen to get involved, email me at sabine@zetteler.co.uk.
Sabine's GOOD News this week could only be about charity Standing Voice

Not enough GOOD news in your life? Check out last week’s picks here.

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