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24th February 2017

The GOOD List #7

It’s been another busy week at Zetteler HQ, but we’ve always got time for some smile-worthy news. We reckon this week’s best stories will leave you with enough joy to power through the next seven days. Go forth and feel good.

Jess’s GOOD news:

Jess was left feeling inspired after spending time at a fundraising event for issue two of Screenshot Magazine. She enjoyed the reflective insights into current affairs and conversations happening within London. | Read all about it here.
Image by Jane Franka from Screenshot magazine.

Amy’s GOOD news:

Slowly but surely, Amy is making her way through a book on the unique and extraordinary feminist revolution in Rojava, northern Syria. | Read first hand accounts of the constantly evolving situation and find out more here.

Revolution in Rojava details the structure of the democratic project in Rojava.
Dorothy’s GOOD news:

Having casually dropped in on Easter Island: Mysteries of a lost world, Dorothy found herself fixated for the full hour and a half. She loved learning about an entire civilisation that existed without her really knowing much about it. | Watch the documentary here and see the clever way they moved their statues here
Easter Island: Mysteries of a Lost World, on BB4 and iPlayer
Jodi’s GOOD news:

Last week Amnesty International (in partnership with Brand Union and Oglivy & Mather Hong Kong) launched Every freedom needs a fighter, a multi-tiered anti-censorship initiative inspired by the 2016 abduction of five booksellers for selling publications that were critical of the Beijing establishment. | Learn more with It’s Nice That.
A shot from the Every Freedom Needs a Fighter launch.
Milly’s GOOD news:

Diébédo Francis Kéré has been announced as the architect of the 2017 Serpentine Pavilion. Kéré, from Gando, Burkina Faso, is the first person from the continent of Africa to be chosen for the scheme, despite Africa being the second-most-populous continent on the planet. |  Read more with Disegno.
Image of Diébédo Francis Kéré via It's Nice That.
Sabine’s GOOD news:

Last weekend Sabine fell in love with Making Nature at Wellcome Collection. It’s a fascinating insight into our history of ordering, displaying, observing, and now making animals that encourages us to learn more about how humans perceive the animal kingdom. Our interaction with birds, mammals and insects has had a huge impact on how we treat the natural environment, good and bad. | More information here.
Sabine was particularly taken with Alex the parrot's last words. Image by Faedus.
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