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Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator of Architecture and Design and Director of Research and Development at MoMA.
3rd March 2017

The GOOD List #8

In this week’s round up of our favourite stories from around the world, we’re looking at philosophy, philanthropy and Paola Antonelli.
Jodi’s GOOD news:

Once known for its beauty tips, Teen Vogue has become an outspoken critic of the Trump administration. The Guardian recently published a feature about its transformation from fashion bible to a platform for activists. | Read more here.
A Ryan McGinley-shot Teen Vogue cover featuring YouTuber Troye Sivan.
Milly’s GOOD news:

An unsurprising result of four years of industrial design study, Milly often refers to Dieter Rams’ philosophies and attitudes towards sustainability and design when thinking about innovation and progress. She was thrilled to find him interviewed on these very issues for a recent issue of Kinfolk | Read it here.

Dieter Rams, Photograph: © Vitsœ
Jess’ GOOD news:

We’re all worried about sustainability, and particularly how to create businesses and brands with pro-active strategies built-in. The SDG Academy is an open source to educate people on each of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are a set of aspirational goals set out by the UN as part of an intergovernmental agreement. The academy provides free content from global experts. | Get stuck in here.
The Spring curriculum from SDG Academy.
Sabine’s GOOD news:

Sabine was left feeling inspired and enlightened following a talk that saw psychologist Tanya Byron delve into the deepest corners of musician, philosopher and hero Brian Eno’s mind at Cecil Sharp House (a great venue worth checking out). Part of the School of Life’s Life Lessons series, the brilliant interview allowed the audience to spend two hours exploring Eno’s history, family, hopes and fears. | Find more inspiring events with The School of Life.
The small publication that accompanied the Brian Eno/ Tanya Byron School of Life conversation.
Amy’s GOOD news:

The Nervemeter is a (roughly) quarterly, independent, non-profit magazine sold by homeless and vulnerable people in London, Glasgow and Manchester. Each issue has a different theme and is created by artists who donate their work and time to the project for nothing. Running on a different model to publications like The Big Issue, it is given for free to those who sell it, has no advertising and is entirely dependent on donations to pay for printing. | Find out more here.
Cover art from the first ten issues of The Nervemeter.
Becky’s GOOD news:

Thanks to some quick-response tweeting by Milly, Becky found herself loving Lauren from Girl Stole London’s tongue-in-cheek T-shirts, which showcase her attitude to having breast cancer in all its brave, irreverent glory. We’re starting to think Becky might be a bit obsessed with tit-tees. | Get your Girl vs Cancer T-shirts here.
The Girl vs Cancer t-shirt collection.

Dorothy’s GOOD news:

On Tuesday night most of team Zetteler headed to Bethnal Green for an incredible talk on curation (hosted by Riposte) from the brilliant Paola Antonelli, who is Senior Curator of Architecture and Design, and Director of Research and Development at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Dorothy found the talk completely inspiring and loved hearing Antonelli’s thoughts on the museum as a good citizen. | Read her interview with Max Fraser for Riposte.

Photography by Clement Pascal from Paola Antonelli's Riposte interview.
Katie’s GOOD news:

If you’re struggling with the constant slew of Trump-centric content and want to refine your sources, Katie has discovered a useful article listing 12 podcasts to help you through the current presidency. | Listen with an open mind via The Guardian
Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham present the Still Processing podcast.
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