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10th March 2017

The GOOD List #9

It’s been a huge week for good news. International Women’s Day came armed with empowering stories about defiant, persistent, groundbreaking figures and our social media feeds have been flooded with tales to make us smile from all over the world. The sporting world is showing signs of making progress in its mission to become more inclusive, and a dishwasher in Copenhagen just became a co-owner of one of the world’s most loved restaurants. 
Katie’s GOOD news:

Ali Sonko has worked as a dishwasher at award-winning restaurant Noma for 14 years and is described as the "heart and soul" of the establishment. He was recently made co-owner by chef René Redzepi for his hard work. | Read his amazing story here.
Ali Sonko at work.
Sabine’s GOOD news:

Sabine was going to choose Tree of Codes at Sadler's Wells, calling it “one of the best things I've seen on stage in my life (add Goldie and The Heritage Orchestra performing Timeless live at Southbank Centre and the Max Richter Ensemble performing Memoryhouse at Barbican).” It’s a popular choice among the team, so instead she’s nominated Deep Throat Choir's new album Be OK, as she’s been listening to it non-stop since they were in the 6Music live lounge last week. They're an all-female choir from Hackney and have become Sabine's companions everywhere she wanders (15 miles around London this weekend, in sun, wind and rain). Obsessed. Love. Thanks Bella Union, as usual. | Check it out here.
Deep Throat Choir
Jodi’s GOOD news:

“Being shown the beauty and history of Old Delhi and Agra by women pushing back against traditional gender roles makes a trip to India all the more uplifting” says Jane Dunford. A fitting salute to International Women’s Day. | Read it on The Guardian.
Sheroes Hangout, in Agra, is a cafe and community centre run by female survivors of acid attacks.

Amy’s GOOD news:

This week Amy loved a New Yorker article on the origin of the word “endling”, which was created to signify the last person of a lineage but has come to mean the last existing animal of a species. It sounds sad, but as is quoted at the close of the article, “We don’t name the things we choose to ignore. So, somehow, naming it gives it a value that wasn’t there before. If that’s what the word is doing, I’m really proud to have been a part of it.” | Read it in full here.
Illustration by Bjørn Lie.
Jess’ GOOD news:

“Olafur Eliasson is my hero!” says Jess. She’s watched his documentary Space is Process on repeat, and transcribed the whole thing while writing her dissertation. Listening to him talk with choreographer Wayne MacGregor in the Tree of Codes post-show talk was a life highlight. However, this week, Jess’ good (greatest?) news is that the government is overhauling its approach to sex education. “Children will learn about healthy adult relationships from the age of four and sex education will become compulsory in all secondary schools.” | Read more here.
Illustration by Dominic McKenzie.
Dorothy’s GOOD news:

Dorothy spent three happy, cold years studying her degree in Leeds, and was pleased to discover a website dedicated to celebrating the city's signage and typography. Her highlights include the E C Stoner building (uni campus) and The Hyde Park Picture House (£2 films). | typesetting.co
The Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds.

Milly’s GOOD news:

There may be ethical question marks above aspects of Nike and similar companies, but Milly was thrilled to see the sports brand launch a hijab collection for female Muslim athletes. Another step towards inclusion for everyone. | Read more with Dazed.

Image via Nike.
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