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13th November 2015

The Zetteler blog: what, who, when and why?

- By Anthony

Here at Zetteler, we’re lucky. We are constantly exposed to some of the world’s most creative people, and spend our time working out how to share ideas that are so interesting, so impressive, so very big, that often they practically share themselves. That is why we, honestly – hand on heart, slight smug grin playing at corner of mouth – love what we do.

And because we’re constantly talking to people, looking at things and listening to stories (and not just those relating to our own clients), we’ve got a lot to say about all of them. This blog is our place for saying it…


Another blog. Great. Aren’t there enough of those already? 
OK, there’s no shortage of blogs out there – it’s true – but this one is a bit different.

Is it?
Well, different-ish. At least it’s got a point behind it.

Promoting the work of your clients and hyping up any events or exhibitions you’re involved with?
Maybe a bit, if I’m honest. But it’s not just a sleazy Zetteler PR love-in, I promise. We’re more interested in writing about all the interesting stuff that’s going on in the worlds of design, art and otherwise creative enterprise. Some of that might include our clients, but a lot of it probably won’t. 

So what will it include?
Insights and interviews from the people behind exciting products and spectacular designs; tips from makers, photographers and curators; stories about incredible things, the people who made them, and the other talented humans who keep the design industry ticking; plus a smattering of ideas that are meaningful, fascinating, important and beautiful (and preferably all four). It’s not about us or our opinions (not always); it’s about all the things out there that are worth getting excited about and inspired by.

Like berry and cream Fruit Pastilles, the John Lewis Christmas ad and that doll that poos jewellery?
In no way like those things, no. 

What then?
Like the forthcoming Pallet design mag from Smith Journal alumna Nadia Saccardo, whom our new contributor Ali Gitlow (the pop-culture and art wonder-writer behind What We Wore) will be talking to here next week. 
Like design geek and Fiera editor Katie Treggiden’s secret new project, on which we’ll be blowing the cover as soon as she gives us the nod.
Like the stuff we already wrote about the Zetteler-connected highlights of London Design Festival back in September.
Like the 10 lessons of freelancing that our founder Sabine shared on here the other day. Like the first ever UK exhibition of Japanese design and craft brand Sfera happening at Clerkenwell London next week.

And who’s going to be writing all this?
The Zetteler team, plus a group of contributors drawn from the worlds of writing, design, design writing and elsewhere. And our editor Anthony Leyton (or as I like to call him: me) will probably do a fair bit. 

I assume we’ll be posting with clockwork regularity, according to a detailed editorial calendar planned several months in advance?
I wouldn’t set your watch by us if I were you. Whenever we’ve got something to say, we’ll say it. So pop back every week or so and see what’s new.

And what if I have a brilliant idea for something or someone who really should be featured here?
Then they should probably email hello@zetteler.co.uk and tell us about it.


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