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Photo from the 'Don't be a tosser' Instagram feed
5th May 2017


In a city that never stops and a globe that seems to be spinning even faster, it’s always easy fall into the comforting and familiar realms of our personal echo chambers. The Good List #16 hopes to shine light on inspiring projects, initiatives and work from around the world. Big and small, independent and corporate, this week’s list is comprised of an amalgamation of projects that, in one way or another, celebrate the current state of our times. 

Dorothy’s GOOD news:

While flicking through Aesthetica magazine Dorothy discovered a new photographer, Thomas Wrede. She loves how eerie his images are with toys placed in new settings. It's all very creepy and weird as he manipulates scale | Take a look here.

A second on Dorothy’s GOOD list is this excellent programme on the changing voices of East London. It's a fascinating look into how the demographic of the area, particularly how accents changed after the Second World War. It sparked lots of brilliant conversations over the weekend | Find out more here.
Thomas Wrede's 'Real Landscapes'
The Lost Cockney Voices, BBC Radio 4
Amy’s GOOD news:

It's easy to take Wikipedia for granted, even for those of us who can remember way back when it didn't exist, (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1990s), so it felt like a timely reminder of its brilliance when Amy was introduced to Listen to Wikipedia this week. L2W is a multimedia representation of all the edits that are being made to the site in real time and it's really, really cool | Listen in full here.

"Bells indicate additions and string plucks indicate subtractions. Pitch changes according to the size of the edit; the larger the edit, the deeper the note." 

Jodi’s GOOD news:

First on Jodi’s list is a recommended read of a book of interviews she’s currently reading - SUMMIT Interviews Vol. 4. SUMMIT was founded in Stockholm in 2013 by journalist Daniel Golling and curator Gustaf Kjellin as a publishing house and an independent podcast. The critically acclaimed podcast has grown into a leading provider of news from and insights to the world of architecture and design. Through frequent meetings with professionals and a recurring presence at fairs, events and biennials, they seek to gain knowledge of a globally connected and fast-changing design culture. They share our expertise through exhibitions, lectures, books, podcasts and other services we provide our clients | Find our more here.

Second is Jodi’s cousin Natasha Jenkins who started a series of beach cleans in Swansea including Llangennith beach and Swansea beach. They're beautiful beaches but unfortunately there's a lot of rubbish that gets washed up and a small amount of people who leave litter! | Follow their Instagram 'Don't be a tosser' to find out when the next clean is taking place.

Summit Interviews Vol. 4 2016-17
Jodi's uncle Matthew and cousin Finley pictured getting stuck in! :)
Sabine’s GOOD news:

Sabine only ever seems to buy this magazine when flying somewhere (this week Boston) and always declares it as a good flight companion. The magazine filled with celebrities, politicians, business people and influencers all recommended by much of the same. It's wonderful to read about people you don't know being championed by someone who knows them well (even though loads of them sound like they've been written by the same person). Aside from those who are incredibly well known, there's a huge number of exceptional humans who are changing the world in their respective fields of excellence (physics, health, technology), who you may not otherwise ever hear about unless you subscribe to some very niche, possibly very expensive journals. It's an easy read and a great way to learn something new about this intense globe we live on and a solid reminder that amid the chaos, a lot of positive, progressive things happen in a year. Favourites of Sabine to celebrate for 2017 are > Riz Ahmed, Hamdi Ulukaya, Elizabeth Warren, Bob Ferguson, Margrethe Vestager, and Barry Jenkins. Be prepared though, firstly it includes a massive percentage of Americans (because of its publishing birthplace) and secondly, characters like Ivanka and father, May, Putin and Assange also make the list - it's about 'influence' not necessarily being a positive force for good, and for that they definitely have their place | Find the list here.

TIME's 100 Most Influential People
Jess’ GOOD news:

Another double hitter. 

Volunteering at Restoration Station on Sunday was a pleasure Jess wasn’t expecting in so many different ways. She hadn’t realised that the shop wasn’t usually open at the weekends so this Sunday was the fourth time it had its doors open to the weekend Hackney crowds in a couple of years. 185 visitors came through the door and only a handful of them knew about the workshop’s purpose… Which meant the team had the opportunity to tell all the newbies about the incredible work that SCT does in the area. Jess described watching expressions change from, 'don’t talk to me I want to look at the (probably) overpriced vintage furniture’ to ‘oh - this shop is a workshop during the week - and it’s a social enterprise that teaches practical making skills - and the prices are really reasonable’ as freaking great. Zetteler is expanding its volunteer rota, come and join us | More info here

A close friend is volunteering in Scotland, with Trees for Life, as part of Project Wolf - an initiative where humans become nocturnal for a month and protect all of the newly planted seedlings by playing top predator and hiking through the woods, through the night, scaring all of the plant eating animals with their presence | Find out more here.

Restoration Station photographed by James Bellorini
Project Wolf
Katie’s GOOD news:

100 days into Trump's controversial presidency the team at Positive News have taken a look at the 10 most inspiring responses, including the women's marches which saw between 3.3-4.6 million marchers taking part in the US alone | Find them here.

Illustration from Spencer Wilson

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