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Global creative strategy, bespoke publicity, and digital communications for people with talent and brands with vision.

Founded in London in 2012, Zetteler is a creative communications agency specialising in design, innovation, architecture, art, technology and other sectors where we feel we can make a difference.

Our clients range from well-known independent brands and individuals to innovative start-ups and designers just off the launchpad, all united by the fact that they have ideas worth sharing and products worth shouting about.

Our founder Sabine Zetteler is a PR and marketing specialist with over 15 years of professional publicity and consultancy experience. She has worked in art, design, film, fashion, TV and travel, and has built up a unparalleled network of editors, writers, publishers, filmmakers and curators along the way. At Zetteler, she heads a focused and flexible team, all of whom are as passionate, knowledgeable and inspired by creative energy as she is. 

For us, effective PR means matchmaking real stories to genuine storytellers and to do that, we make sure we not only know our clients and their work inside out, we also sustain strong relationships with the people who need to hear about them. 


Sabine Zetteler


Zetteler’s founder and namesake, Sabine is a seasoned PR and marketing specialist with a decade of professional publicity experience and a degree in management and sustainability under her belt. After a career that took her from TV to travel (via the BBC and Mr & Mrs Smith), she shifted her focus to art and design in 2012, first as a freelance PR and then, when her client list ballooned, as the founder and director of Zetteler Creative Publicity. Now with a strong team behind her, she is thrilled to say she has her dream job: working with the most inspiring and creative people, sharing the brilliant things they do and, every so often, making a positive impact on the world.


Jess Meyer


Jess is a creative systems expert with a background in fine art, print and bookbinding. Having studied fine art in Falmouth, she set about surrounding herself with paper at every opportunity, working at a succession of galleries and print studios before succumbing to the inevitable and committing her life to making people get stuff done. After three years at event-tech company Noodle Live, where she was operations director, Jess went on to provide freelance project-management services for the likes of Viewport Studio, Ma-tt- er, Open As Usual, Camille Walala, Patternity and Aerende. She first came to Zetteler in 2015 with the temporary brief of sorting out our project-management systems. She did such a good job that, two years later, she became co-director of the company.


Andy Dunn

Creative Director, Films

Zetteler’s resident filmmaker has been working with Sabine for longer than either of them can really remember. They met during their time at the BBC, where Andy spent 12 years making music and arts documentaries. Since then, he and Sabine have collaborated closely, and Andy now heads up the film production arm of Zetteler, shooting, editing and directing films about the creative brands, people and initiatives that Zetteler represents, and working closely with the team to distil client stories into original, impactful and shareable content.


Anthony Leyton


Born in Yorkshire, transplanted to London and spat into the Hertfordshire hinterlands, Anthony is a multitasking freelance writer and editor with a background in travel, design, food and snarky emails about punctuation. He has been working with Zetteler since the company’s beginnings in 2012, with Sabine convincing him to give up his day job and commit his typing finger to championing her expanding list of clients. He now breezes into the Zetteler office whenever his expanding list of children allows, and helps us hone our tone of voice, print materials, press releases, web content and pretty much anything that ends in a full stop.


Jodi Moss

Senior PR Manager

Jodi landed in London from sunny Swansea in 2009, completed a degree in 3D design and went to work at Mint in Kensington, where owner, design curator, collector and trendsetter Lina Kanafani introduced her to some of the most influential designers on the scene, kickstarting her career in PR. When Zetteler found her (thanks to a tip-off from Modern Design Review’s Laura Houseley), she was working her own one-woman publicity show, but seduced by Zetteler’s ‘creative approach to PR and storytelling’ (her words, honest), Jodi took over a desk in summer 2016 and now, alongside Sabine and Dorothy, spearheads campaigns for Zetteler’s inspiring collection of design clients.


Dorothy Bourne

PR Manager

Zetteler’s ever-ready PR wonderwoman Dorothy is a history of art graduate with a love of design and a talent for organisation. After working for several galleries and arts charities, she found herself increasingly drawn to the world of design, jumping straight in with an internship at Wallpaper* and a stint at House & Garden. Having heard great things about Dorothy, Sabine emailed her and invited her to join the team. Dorothy landed in Zetteler HQ in March 2015, immediately wowed everyone with her multitasking genius and has been at the heart of the company ever since.


Emily Ward


Emily arrived to London from Bradford, with a pit-stop in High Wycombe to pick up a degree in furniture design. Swiftly realising that her passions lay in championing the creative work of others, she spent three years embedded at London Design Fair, where she became marketing and communications manager – and therefore a linchpin of the London design scene. We noticed that she seemed to understand more about marketing analytics than the rest of us put together, so we lured her to the Zetteler office and have refused to let her out ever since. However, because she still gets to work on marketing for London Design Fair, and a host of other fabulous creative folk, we reckon she’s pretty happy about it.


Katie Logue

Social Media Manager

Descending on London from Manchester, Katie studied history of art at the Courtauld Institute and completed a master’s in fashion marketing before realising that fashion wasn’t for her (that said, she’s always impressively dressed). After interning with WGSN, The Other Art Fair and Protein, she came to Zetteler as an intern in summer 2015, and was swiftly upgraded to marketing executive when we realised that, not only is she boundlessly energetic and unshakably positive at all times but, most importantly, she can fit her whole fist in her mouth. (She’s pretty good at social media and marketing strategy, too).


Amy Smith


The many incarnations of Amy Smith include: a student of environmental art, a punk frontwoman, an assistant to Jake and Dinos Chapman, part of an Art Basel installation, and – now – the creator and manager of a huge chunk of Zetteler’s social-media content. A newcomer to the PR world, Amy was initially drawn to Zetteler’s principles and philosophy, and when we needed a talented writer and creative to help out our marketing team, she was our first port of call. It has been a fruitful partnership: Amy gets the opportunity to work with visionary designers making a positive impact on the world; Zetteler gets a brilliant mind, a social-media genius, and a gifted jewellery designer rolled into one.


India Ayles

PR Assistant

India walked straight out of her Cambridge graduation into the Zetteler office (there may have been a train journey involved, admittedly), where she now brings her History of Art-honed creativity, curiosity and keen mind to our PR team. Enthused by the potential of design innovation to make a positive impact on the world, and an active evangelist for craft, India moonlights as an art writer, exhibition organiser and one half of a textile-based art/fashion duo. Oh, and she’s also teaching herself coding. You can probably see why we wanted to keep her.


Kevin Arulrajah

PR Assistant

Born in Paris and transplanted into London at the age of seven, Kevin initially set his sights on the world of fashion marketing, via a degree at the University for the Creative Arts, but when he found himself making flat-pack furniture as part of his course, he unbottled a passion for design. After graduating, he bagged himself an internship with Protein, then levelled up to a graduate traineeship with the Future Laboratory, where he amassed the marketing and research skills that got him through the door here at Zetteler. When he’s not Zetteling, Kevin runs youth-culture blog and hosts hip-hop/grime nights. But not at the same time.



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