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At Zetteler, we pride ourselves on building close, lasting and sincere relationships with both our clients and the journalists we work with – here’s what some of them have to say about us…

Eva M. Vincent

Senior Adviser, Section for Cultural Affairs  |  Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

I have worked with Zetteler on several projects during my time as head of the cultural section at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in London. I would especially like to mention Sabine and the team's impressive PR work for the design exhibition 100% Norway since 2012 – their professionalism and excellent network of contacts is invaluable in promoting Norwegian design. Sabine Zetteler is a very professional, positive, creative and innovative person. Despite sometimes having to work with very tight deadlines, the team will always find creative solutions at the highest professional level, and always deliver on time and according to target.

Rhys Pritchard

Manager  |  Restoration Station

Zetteler's impact on Restoration Station has been HUGE! Their social media support and efforts during London Design Festival 2017 brought us dedicated new trainees, fantastic collaborators, new customers through the door and lots of lovely volunteers to greet them. The new Sunday opening hours supported and run by the Zetteler team have made a massive difference to the bottom line. Go team!

Seetal Solanki

Director  |  Ma-tt-er

Zetteler understood the very essence of who we are and what we are doing. The principles behind Zetteler are about making a difference – PR is the form of communication that enables them to be able to tell those stories and spread the love. If Zetteler can champion and communicate Ma-tt-er, which can seem like quite a complicated subject, then I can’t see why wouldn’t you want to work with them. The dream team!

Aaron Firth

Director  |  Laboratory Perfumes

Zetteler has been in charge of Laboratory Perfumes’ press and social media for three years; superlatives are scattered all over their contribution to the growth of the company’s presence in the UK and a huge number of overseas markets. I wonder how we could have become visible in South Korea, Iceland or the Lebanon without the witty, energetic and perpetually novel social-media output.

Sabine is a crucial part of our company in that we pass so many aspects of product development, marketing planning and creative design in front of her for advice, suggestions and confirmation. Her contribution is sympathetic and, so far, never wrong. She possesses an astonishing knowledge of modern design and photography, her generosity in sharing contacts is beyond selfless and she is tireless in her pursuit of achieving the best possible outcome for any project. She also happens to be one of the kindest people I have ever met.

Her team is equally professional and thoughtful; there is always someone available to answer a question and, quite astonishingly, the whole team seems to know exactly what is going on with each project. I think Zetteler has other clients, but you would never know because the relationship is entirely personal.

The luckiest day of my working life was the day Zetteler agreed to work with us.

Camille Walala

Artist  |  Camille Walala

Zetteler connects you to the people you need to be connected with.

Matthew Raw

Ceramicist  |  Matthew Raw

I was nervous as I hadn’t worked with PR before, but approached Zetteler due to the fact that they specialised in working with artists and designers. They came to my studio, listened to my project proposal and immediately got what it was about, which gave me a massive confidence boost. With her knowledge and experience working in the craft sector, Jodi Moss was assigned to look after me and strategise how best to pitch my project. She was such a fantastic presence and influence all along the route. I couldn’t recommend the team highly enough. They have the ability and energy to push you and your work to people that you would have no clue to approach. I found the whole experience super-creative, interesting, surprising and fruitful.

Elizabeth Davies

Development Manager – Brands and Projects  |  Institute of Contemporary Arts

For a small agency, Zetteler has big ideas. We rely on external ambassadors such as Zetteler to push ideas through and make things happen. Sabine is always my first point of call and an essential part of our extended team. Zetteler has a can-do attitude and a personal touch.

Zuza Mengham

Artist  |  Zuza Mengham

Zetteler are an exceptionally talented team; I have been bowled over by their remarkable range of skills, ranging from editorial pitching to full-scale project management and then some!

Passionate, engaging and professional, they are skilful storytellers, and always the first to know about what is really interesting with a worthwhile cause. The team are innovative and intelligent, with a flair for making everything simultaneously exciting and effortless.

What makes Zetteler different to other agencies is that they have such in-depth understanding and experience in the creative industries and the multitude of specialisms that this encompasses – while knowing precisely how conjure innovative and unique platforms to develop people’s understanding of what you do, in a powerfully tailored and personal way.

It’s so much more than a PR agency, and at the heart of it are genuinely good people who care about what they do. I trust them completely and count myself lucky to be one of their clients.

Siri Aronsen

Adviser, Section for Culture and Communication  |  Norwegian Embassy

It has been a joy for the Norwegian Embassy in London to work with Zetteler PR. An unusually friendly and enthusiastic team, they invest time in truly getting to know their clients and audiences, making it a rewarding experience to work with them both professionally and personally. The team is competent, efficient and engage, and it’s clear that everyone at Zetteler loves their job – something that rubs off on their clients. Where other PR teams can sometimes feel a little too pushy, Zetteler manages to combine hard-hitting campaigns with an authentic passion for the arts and the clients they work with. In other words: we would highly recommend Zetteler PR!

Hege Henrikson

Director  |  Norwegian Crafts

Zetteler is a very efficient and flexible agency that uses up-to-date approaches to get the results they want. They have in-depth knowledge about the design and crafts field and put a lot of emphasis on getting to know their clients and their stories, which enables them to have a more personal approach. I think this, in combination with their extensive network of journalists and professionals from all over the world, is their recipe for success.

Ida Aandal Røijen

Advisor, International Profile  |  Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA)

The Structure exhibition was a great success and we’re so happy with the enormous attention Norwegian design and craft got in the international design press. Zetteler did a fantastic job in connecting the right people and creating strong results. They’re professional, flexible and great team players. We’re looking forward to future collaborations.

Kia Utzon Frank

Designer  |  Kia Utzon Frank

I don’t think I can think of any other PR agency as engaged, caring and conscious of their clients. None of the usual PR nonsense – I’ve only been met with a sincere interest and engagement with my projects, which have been given amazing opportunities. Working with Zetteler has expanded my network and put me in contact with key people, which has allowed my company to do more things in half a year than I’d ever hoped for.

Their endless selflessness, patience and genuine love for the projects and people they are involved with – both clients and contacts – makes working with Zetteler very pleasant and fruitful. Zetteler’s work is a complete game-changer.

Rebecca Price

Marketing Manager, Brand  |  Monotype

The team are happily and relentlessly invested in their clients, which always feels incredibly genuine. There is an embedded enthusiasm that makes working with Zetteler a real joy.

Mike Vanis

Designer and engineer  |  Unit Lab (for the exhibition Water, LDF17)

Initially, we were impressed with Zetteler’s fantastic set of clients - that really appealed to us. Zetteler more than met our expectations; their way of building our publicity was skilful, thorough, and well-rounded, giving our exhibition a universal voice that connected all the exhibitors.

Press Testimonials

Alice Morby

Freelance  |  DAMN, Dezeen

For me, working with Zetteler means being able to have an honest conversation with a bunch of people whose taste and passion I totally believe and trust in. Pitches never feel like pitches, because they're projects that the team are fully invested in. NOTHING they do is boring, even their press releases are fun to read.

The way they do PR feels modern and up to date, and if you look at the client list – it represents the diversity needed to push the industry forward.

In my opinion, Zetteler does PR the way it should be done. They listen to their clients and work relentlessly to get what they need in the most effective way possible – by being honest. If you want to work with a team who have bags of energy, a wealth of knowledge and an eye for anything beautiful, I would wholeheartedly recommend Zetteler!

Laura Houseley

Editor-in-Chief  |  Modern Design Review

Zetteler are the breath of fresh air that design PR has been waiting for. This team of professional enthusiasts approach each project with unadulterated vitality, they galvanise the brands they work with and have an energising effect on the journalists they engage. They bring with them design knowledge and persistent and genuine curiosity - essential qualities for anyone doing what they do. Integrity goes a long way, especially in this magnificent discipline we call home, and Zetteler have it in buckets. It's the reason I listen when they speak. And if you are a brand thinking about hiring them, that's all you really need to know.

Katie Treggiden

Journalist  |  The Guardian, Disegno, World of Interiors, FT Weekend, Crafts Magazine, Stylist, Elle Decoration, Icon, OnOffice, Ideal Home, Design Milk, The Space, AnOther Magazine, Norwegian Arts, Dezeen

Zetteler is an ideas-led strategic agency – this is born out of the fact that all the team are both interested and interesting. They take notice of what's going on in the world around them and take the time to invest in long-term relationships rather than looking for quick wins.

Sabine only works with clients she's passionate about, which means she's very genuine in her approach, and always goes the extra mile, taking the time to send things out in the post, beautifully presented with hand-written notes – which sound like small details, but they make all the difference. She is very honest with clients about what's achievable, which is very refreshing too.

I often recommend Zetteler – I know Sabine will make a good initial impression, establish a strong connection with the people I recommend her to, and deliver a solid, effective campaign.

Ali Morris

Journalist  |  Wallpaper*, Interior Design, WGSN, the Guardian, the Sunday Times, Architectural Record, Port, Dwell, Wrap, Architect, Metropolis

Zetteler are engaging storytellers who you can always rely on to show you something new and unexpected. The team have a clear understanding of the value of good design – a fact which is evident in everything from their client list to their stationery. The genuine enthusiasm they have for the people and the products they work with is infectious. Zetteler’s approach is people-focused. They have an established network of talented individuals at their fingertips, due not only to the fact they are great fun to work with, but also because they are unendingly generous with their time and expertise.

Zetteler does PR but not as you know it. If you are looking for an agency that thinks differently to the rest, Zetteler is for you.

David Michon

Journalist  |  Monocle, Disegno, Icon, CandianArt, Refinery29, Above Sea Level, Kiosk

Zetteler’s strength and total USP is that they work only with clients they are genuinely excited about and keen to promote – the enthusiasm and reverence is infectious and persuasive! For me, it also means that they seem to truly understand the ethos and mission of each of their clients, which really bolsters their ability to think imaginatively and laterally about how to bring them to new audiences.

Their tone of voice is extremely warm, unboring and non-corporate – a press release that is enjoyable to read is somewhat of a novelty, and Zetteler’s editor Anthony is incredibly consistent in producing succinct, informative writing that is also full of personality and energy.

Plus, and this can't be underestimated, the whole team seem to be very happy in their jobs. Zetteler HQ is a refreshing place to be. They understand quirk; they understand art and innovation; they understand the bigger picture of how work connects to everyday life and not just within its category. If any of that resonates with you – then I'd recommend Zetteler.


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